1. In my city in the UK there are civilians known as" the pedophile hunters" they trap predators online to meet then go live on social media confronting them and contact the police

  2. There’s definitely a difference my man. Remember most of the fat you’re losing is around your organs too!

  3. Gotta say offset sounds awful on this. I don’t know if his auto tune is all messed up or what, but sounds terrible

  4. Growing up in the internet era starting in 2010 with an interest in hiphop there’s been dozens of artists. Kendrick, J Cole, Childish Gambino, Travis Scott, ASAP Rocky, The Weeknd, the list goes on.

  5. i feel like the casino, the ufos and the rabbit theme never made full sense cohesively, shoulda just stuck to the casino one imo. cool album tho

  6. Damn I was really hoping we'd see a glimpse of verdansk again in the final update.

  7. Will probably go back into rotation once Warzone 2 is released, can’t see then making more maps for the OG warzone

  8. I know this is commons sense but you need to remember a lot of people do not have common sense

  9. Looks like your list forgot Denzel's deluxe lol

  10. If it happens it'll be the most unnecessary Remaster, alongside Resident Evil 4.

  11. As one of the two who bought it. I don't think it was a horrible game. My main complaint is not waiting a couple months to buy it when it will be $5 because that's about how much it's worth.

  12. How do you deem a game “not horrible” when you paid €70 but feel it’s only worth €5 lol

  13. I just played the saints row 3 remastered and that 9 year old gameplay is still fun af

  14. I enjoyed it in Saints Row 3 Remastered because it’s what was expected of it. A game built in 2022 shouldn’t play like a dlc for a 10 year old game

  15. As an Amazon driver, I do this, and I appreciate the support,

  16. They had created other traversal methods before to keep things fresh. Its fine to have a grappleshot horizontally, but it kinda makes it boring to be on the floor and just ziplining to the roof when the focus of the series was on parkour.

  17. They’re just finally for once taking a break. About damn time if you ask me… I got burnt out of COD years ago

  18. It didn’t necessarily need a break considering it was 3 devs working on 3 year cycles. That being said I never liked any of the Sledgehammer games and would rather no game at all for a year instead of another Vanguard

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