1. Happy Father’s Day - You got the dope hook up! 🍻

  2. It's not about money. If you were on a subreddit for dedicated car enthusiasts and posted saying you just took your car to Valvoline for an oil change your gonna get some questions.

  3. …And please tell me why I had explain to people why I decided to take my watch to a shop that I’ve going to for years, putting money into the hands of a small business owner, and pay him my money to change my watch band????🤦🏾‍♂️

  4. Do you take you hand gun mags to someone and pay them to reload them? No? Why not? It's giving money back into small businesses. See how strange that sounds? How are you not understanding this?

  5. What you’re really asking is “why don’t you just do/say what we want you to,” There are no uniform rules to owning maintaining Personal Property- I don’t have to, I have followed all rules associated with posting in this sub, people can do what I do, if a post is not for me, I ignore it… I don’t feel the need to say anything… how about explaining why people can’t do that… I’ll wait…

  6. Love these, bought my dad one last year and never see him without it on now. The white dial and the black ceramic bezel really pops 👌🏻

  7. Yo, that’s cool to hear, you are a good kid to your Dad - Respect! 🙇🏾🍻

  8. You getting the new models?

  9. I own all of the SNJ models that know of (the green one and the rose gold accent ones not shown), are they coming out with more? When?

  10. Oh, I’m in!!! Looks like I have three new Arnies on my list!!!! Thanks for the Heads Up! 🍻

  11. I did it once, I’ll do again man! 🤣🤣🤣

  12. Metal rubbing against metal, never a good idea. Poor watch!

  13. I got 30 watches, I’m going to buy 30 more - I’ve got real rotation, it’s a non issue…

  14. Stop buying HKs then, I’ll keep buying them. 🤷🏾‍♂️

  15. Whoa, just take it easy man. Just asking a question.

  16. This really isn’t a quality issue, it’s your expectations - they are too high, it’s a combat weapon.

  17. My wife ain’t got nothing to with my purchases 😎🍻

  18. Come on Bro, I wasn’t taking serious 😎👊🏾

  19. Blackpoint Tactical- they just ain’t cheap.

  20. It’s worth the price - I have blue dial and the black dial.

  21. I usually wear the blue dial more, mainly because it matches a lot of my bracelets and clothes.

  22. I did not unfortunately, but I did buy a 9mm USP tactical

  23. That USPT is Soild - Congrats! You better get the MK23 next time! 🍻

  24. Your number is low… get your numbers up🍻

  25. There are plenty of options, they are not super cheap…

  26. That’s a dope piece, Respect! 🍻… and good shooting BTW.

  27. You actually need more than one…🍻

  28. His stats are excellent for anyone who’s watching him play the game, and has never played sports at an elite level🤦🏾‍♂️

  29. I have 10 Staccatos - so I’m guessing that means I have 5…🍻

  30. I have 4 C2s that are clean… it’s irons for me🍻

  31. Like I said in a previous post - this s**t why I’m leery of custom shops…I’m not paying a guy 5K to produce a pistol in 12 months…or more and blame the wait times on the pandemic 🤦🏾‍♂️

  32. This is the very reason I avoid these small operations that EVERYONE says makes the best 2011s… You pay a guy 5K to wait a year to get your product…if they can work out production🤨 The only companies who seem to have their s**t together consistently are Wilson Combat, Night Hawk Custom, Cabot, and Ed Brown…

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