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  1. Benny's personality is Matthew Perry phoning it in for every line of dialogue except for the intro.

  2. Gog version comes with a 4gb patch already... Though it supposedly doesn't play nice with xNVSE but... I wouldn't worry about it tbh.

  3. There's a decent change you'll want to upgrade your PSU if you upgrade your gpu here.

  4. AMD has a significantly worse track record when it comes to broken drivers. Most recently, the 5000 series of graphics cards had horrible drivers frequently leading to CTDs in games when they first came out... and it took a minute for AMD to fix it. That's the only reason why I lean towards Nvidia but if I'm to replace my graphics card soon, it's a no brainer for it to be AMD.

  5. By season 15 they'll just automate the matches and we'll be able to sit with our popcorn and watch the bots play.

  6. Expectation setting for Jax: His changes will be on the smaller side. Mostly focused on the feel of the ult

  7. I have owned that specific LG monitor and I absolutely loved it. I've owned 3 LG ultragear 27inch monitors in general and none of them have disappointed.

  8. I just got the 4k version. 4k @ 144 is silly. Got to experience that for the first time last night

  9. I've had the 1080p 144hz, 1440p 144hz and 1080p 240hz versions. The last one is the one I have now, I gave the other 2 to a friend.

  10. This is hands down the greatest thing I've ever seen... Also it is the very worst.

  11. Depending on how it goes I'll just restart. Like if I'm already in the train phase and I realize that i've botched my layout then yeah we go next.

  12. At least in vanilla, basically everything is just division and multiplication, with a bit of addition.

  13. Same as it always is. I won some, I lost some. I learned some stuff and I improved. Hit my peak rank this season at plat 2. It turns out if you're a gold top laner with 0 wave management, learning the bare minimum will immediately punch you up to plat.

  14. Wait is manamune good on kayle now ?

  15. Dblade/shield -> tear -> wits -> berserkers -> nashors -> manamune -> crown

  16. I feel like if this subreddit ever met him we'd just swarm him saying "fuck you waterfills your house"

  17. Always Q max, or at the very least go 3 into Q -> E max. Why?

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