1. I have to hand you it to you. Your patience is much higher than mine with all those best buddies. I only have 2 and I get bored within 2 days trying to grind out a best buddy. Well done.

  2. Plus the hundo togekiss has helped me a lot in the master league since yesterday Can't best buddy my castform as it will go over the limit for great league

  3. Togekiss is a beast! Grind gym coins too poffins are only 100 (which I'm sure you knew) that'll help a ton.

  4. All my best buddies are without any poffins used 😂😂😂 I just don't wanna use them saving if for a legendary 4 * if it's good enough

  5. Noice. I’m just missing the hundo but I got a few like 96 to98 ivs

  6. I had a 98% from earlier so I went out to get enough candies to evolve it and skip the event ended up catching a shiny with my 3rd encounter and caught a hundo on my 10th encounter then got hooked up ended up with 2 98% and 2 more 96% in regards to shinies 17 is the highest I ever caught on Comm day the next best is maybe 5 or 6, I usually only target for 4

  7. Lol that’s crazy. I was out the whole time and racked up almost 1200 candy but sadly no hundo. I have a feeling I shiny checked a hundo and just didn’t catch it. The Aron at the top left was the cherry on top cause I got the hundo aggron from my first mega raid

  8. Congrats on the shiny Aron I haven't found one yet Even my hundo was around 200 CP usually i go for the higher cp ones with 3 stars but as it was an early catch only my 10th one I ended up catching it I had around 1800 Candies after evolving a team I only have 200 left now

  9. How small is the target impossible to have an excellent throw

  10. So a one lap shootout was possible?

  11. No because all the lapped cars would have to unlap because Russell who was in p3 was almost at the end of the train

  12. Have an attack deoxys shiny trying to get a defence forme one hopefully

  13. Mine was first ball as well, only 89% so the stats aren't amazing. But I hardly have any shiny so I'm happy to have him

  14. Shinies are a guaranteed catch first ball so you use a silver pinap berry

  15. I've had 3 encounters with no success but haven't seen a single one in the past 2 weeks

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