1. The fact that they didn’t really tighten security after Cal basically stormed the place.

  2. Contractor: hey its a secret underwater base I guarantee it won't happen again, it's not like anyone knows about this place. *every remaining jedi aware of the fortress

  3. That episode felt like it was written by six year olds and I might be doing a disservice to six year olds.

  4. Yeah after watching their older brother play fallen order

  5. Creed not being able to remember anyone's name is hilarious like when he tells Meridith that "Andrea"(Angela) is the office bitch and introduces himself

  6. And he just casually sits down and starts eating her cheerios

  7. Jim's impression of a creed story was pretty great so was creeds Hannibal lector

  8. These would have been my first 3 choices lol. I'd have to say "nothing else matters"

  9. I was reasonably excited to see the last installment in the sequel trilogy. By the time Rey learned her origins, I had lost interest.

  10. It took me years to bother to watch it, I just watched them because I had watched all the others and had nothing better to do, just did it so I could have a more informed discussion and opinion on how bad it was

  11. Dvorah, she was my second in x and was an absolute beast, could not stand how she played. Ultimately I found nothing better about 11 the characters of X are all around superior

  12. Whoever switched "pitbull" to "sweet girl" in the captions isn't fooling anyone.

  13. I like Rem better too but this is just rude, happy birthday rem and ram

  14. Did the stress of needing to be on guard and domineering the entire time lead to his strokes.

  15. I am of the camp that ezra won't be coming home, since i first saw the series I have felt that way about his fate. That said most likely he will be saved but I'm not sure rex will have to die to do it, doesn't mean he won't meet his end during the series but I think rex will die of old age

  16. I kinda disagree. This ending is incongruous with the earlier interview with Edward R. Meow. We were supposed to feel sad for Michael and empathize with his loneliness. This part of the video makes it seem like he had no problem making friends as a child.

  17. Michael accepts fake friends quite easily, they were all actors, I'm not saying that's all there is too it but they were probably his only friends from that time and he only ever saw them filming.

  18. No you will just get arrested and they will be free to continue flinging shit at other people

  19. Don't know why, but that made me laugh.

  20. Reality is often humorous especially when it's bizarre

  21. Maybe an unpopular opinion, but Phyllis was the worst and I feel nothing for her.

  22. She has known Michael the longest, she should have known he wouldn't want an oven mitt. Whether Michael was right or wrong she just wanted to knit something and give it off as a gift, anyone would have received it her gift was meaningless even if she made it herself. In what world would Michael have ever taken that happily and ever used it? She didn't care, he would have been happy with a Starbucks card or a fancy name card like Kelly got, she didn't bother to actually make the gift for him

  23. Yeah, the only thing he didn't know was what was going to be the trigger. I think witnessing Thrawn's bombardment was the realization there was no longer any other option.

  24. Yeah and the purgil should have arrived by then if ruhk hadn't disabled mart and that whole plan

  25. I wonder if he would have made the same sacrifice if kanan were still around

  26. Pins people down but he's probably best with a single individual

  27. That’s what I realized in that scene, too - he was actually competent, and the fact that he was manager actually started to make sense.

  28. Yeah his derailing the sales pitch and just making sure that guy had fun wasn't because Michael is just a goofball he knew from the initial conversation that the better time this guy had the more likely they were to the sale later. This guy just wanted to have a good time and Michael was happy to oblige, he is excellent at engaging people on the level that best suits them, that's why he was a great salesman and he knew everything about his clients and how and what to tall to them about. As a manager though he is pulled in 15 different directions and has no one telling him what to do

  29. He was very used to it at that point.

  30. "Who will strike first and label themselves a cold blooded killer."

  31. “What? He was gonna blow up the ship.” - one of my favorite line deliveries in TCW and possibly in all of Star Wars.

  32. You’d take the Boba who got launched into the Sarlacc pit by blind Han on accident over the gaffi-stick trained Boba who took down like 20 Stormtroopers in less than a minute on Tython?

  33. In fairness he was distracted by Luke and it's not like he had much to worry about from a fumbling blind man

  34. Are there no tactical droids in phantom menace or attack of the clones?

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