1. Male privilege is subjective? What on earth is going on here anymore?

  2. So I got this sweater from them, I think it was around 32 gbp.

  3. I love them, but can't wear them because my torso is too long even for the tall ones lol

  4. Right??? Its so bad that bodysuits never even fit to the contour of my lower back, it's just a straight tent from my upper back to my hips, topped off with the wedgie from hell

  5. To add to the amazing suggestions above, I find matchy-matchy workout sets to be very SD-friendly in general. I have a bunch from gymshark and I love them, but the ones I love the most are from squatwolf.

  6. Never. I have three, and they all seem happy enough indoors. They have really good appetites, they love play time and they show their love and trust readily and easily. They don't fall sick often, either. Also, they do this thing where they welcome any guests at our place with so much love, and I remember reading that that's a sign of happy cats. :)

  7. On the cheaper side of things, I think Cider does incredible stuff for SDs.

  8. I hear so many conflicting things about ordering from Cider when it comes the the quality. Do you have anything from them?

  9. Just placed my first order two days ago! I'll report back on quality.

  10. Drawstring waist definition on shorter jackets always hits me in a weird spot, in my experience, it works best with longer coats. I think the peplum-style here is also too small a detail, if it was a larger peplum it could work.

  11. Yes! The one you linked is the kind I would gravitate towards.

  12. Cider (it's available in so many colours😄)

  13. Ugh, I love almost everything Cider has. I am waiting for my first order with them to arrive, so excited!

  14. I used to be embarrassed to look at old pictures of myself, but now I just look at them and think, "Hey, I was still pretty good-looking!"

  15. Am I the only one who thinks it looks good and that it doesn't make you look big or anything?

  16. I liked it a lot! Your voice has great tone and flexibility.

  17. I think the first one! The neckline is better, as is the shape.

  18. Not keen on the length of those shorts (leggings?). But I'd actually wear that. I love Matrix-y gym outfits.

  19. I don't disagree. I don't see the kibbe width or the FN vibe about her at all. However, a case could be made for pure D as well.

  20. I know her upper curve is slight but I think she has an all over softness to her, even when very thin, that you don’t see in pure Ds. She seems to really benefit from rounded details and softness to her outfits and around her face, while straight cuts and ultra slick hair look a bit separate on her. I just can’t see her as all sharp yang - her romantic undercurrent seem so prevalent with what styles suit her best.

  21. Yeah, I do see your point. Kinda like Rachel Weisz. Nothing else that fits well.

  22. My father told me I'm looking very 'healthy' with his hands widened

  23. South Asians call each other "healthy" as a polite way of saying we've gained weight, but it's definitely not meant as a compliment.

  24. I know this is opposite end of the spectrum, but as a female (formerly competitive, maybe again someday) [olympic] weightlifter, women's gyms and the women's area in gyms are really disappointing. They're so...pathetic. These spaces tend to be crowded with cardio equipment, lack a lot of space to move around in, are all just machines, lack heavy weights, often lack many types of machines or cables. If the equipment does exist, it's often limited to lighter weight options only. There's usually no squat cage, no platform(s), very few or no heavier plates or dumbells at all, no regular sized barbells or a very limited amount.

  25. I experienced a lot of religious abuse and am an atheist as a result. Religions use a lot of the same

  26. I don't speak out against religion (because I don't necessarily think religion is to blame - I just think it's just one of the many tools that abusers use to abuse other people), but I did also experience a LOT of religious abuse growing up. Turned me off religion completely. But I think also understand OP wanting a feeling of belonging and community. I just don't know if religious communities are very welcoming towards people who are, for the lack of a better word, too different from what is considered 'normal' in their circles.

  27. The channel I linked to helped me understand what I endured better. I still use some of the lessons I've learned from religion, but I don't subscribe to a god.

  28. It's shocking to me how people are saying R for her because I always thought she was FN!

  29. I only speak for myself as a SN… pleats do not work on curvy hips. It looks like I’m wearing a backwards diaper if I try. Just doesn’t lay right.

  30. Isn't it specified these shouldn't be around the waist area though? Maybe that's in the skirts section...

  31. It was in the pants section, and it wasn't specified where these should be. It just said a bit of soft detail such as soft pleats, shirring, and gathering (not in that order, I'm paraphrasing).

  32. Ugh, yes. I have IBS so the bloating is constant. And this is when I do a lot of stuff to manage it.

  33. So, besides everything everyone else has already said, I think what's going on here is also that the weight might be slightly too much for you just right now.

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