1. Corona was an economic godsend for Pakistan - reduced global commodity prices and let us delay our eventual balance of payments crisis. We didn't need saving - it influenced the world economy in a way that helped us.

  2. Would have agreed but got to give credit to Imran Khan's administration where it's due...

  3. By the way, it's not in Afghanistan government interests to facilitate terrorist activities if they wish to seek legitimacy!

  4. Some things aren't as straightforward as certain entities like to portray...

  5. The Taliban violated the terms of the Doha Accords when Zawahiri was found in Kabul in a house belonging to a top aide of Sirajuddin Haqqani.

  6. Unlikely that Pakistan provided the airspace. We know that the drone that took off from Al Dafta Airbase in UAE on July 30th and reached the skies of Kabul on July 31st.

  7. Unemployment numbers do not factor in the people that exited the labour force/job market e.t.c.

  8. A reminder that Imran Khan's administration took action against the sugar cartel!

  9. Selective punishing is not punishing its serving an agenda.

  10. some people only remember to call for Imran Khan's disqualification...

  11. As we inch closer to IMF tranche getting released, we will see rupee strengthening. Investors, traders etc are speculating that getting that sweet IMF money will help Pakistan sail this rough patch and lower chances of default. Pakistan also has upcoming bond and import payments. So if Pakistan manages to pay , then it will improve the outlook of the country.

  12. I think a better policy is to implement currency swap deals with other nations instead of serving the dollar hegemon

  13. Or start printing fake dollars 🌝

  14. However, Samantha Nutt's "Damned Nations" breaks down how foreign aids are usually ineffective in resolving issues

  15. The role of the establishment reminds me of an analysis of the American establishment in the book "How Democracies Die".

  16. During the era of Rightly Guided Caliphs, zakat was collected by the state

  17. This fuck needs to resign and fall off the earth, it would do is all some good

  18. "No confidence" is a democratic process for causing a cabinet's resignation.

  19. Lifeguards are jurisdiction of the City of Toronto not the province. They saw a shortage and increased the pay. Dougie doesn't believe in maintaining public services, his goal has always been to shrink the public service like this.

  20. gotta pocket kickbacks in commissions through private corporations somehow /s

  21. Step out your house and ask anyone about their opinion on Jews.

  22. Since Taiwan is a leader in semiconductor manufacturing; perhaps it's in U.S interests for an instability of Taiwan or the region as they have recently passed the CHIPS Act!

  23. some people only remember to call out Imran Khan for similar stuff...

  24. I'm becoming increasingly pissed off at the people who didn't vote because "they're all equally bad".

  25. algorithm's can be manipulated, it's all about what gets the most views/clicks since this indicator is connected with revenue

  26. the only way to counter the narrative ethically is for someone to start writing articles that provides a different perspective

  27. Not here to push my religion on others just here to clarify. The reason Christians use a cross as a symbol of their faith is because Jesus died on the cross for our sins and the cross is a symbol of that.

  28. Is there a way to get them to resign? Or demand a new vote. Especially the health minister.

  29. maybe if public expresses "no confidence" towards the govt., a responsible govt. will resign and hold new elections

  30. But can the govt. not prevent mass protests under the pretense of "emergency" ?

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