1. They cut off online orders because they are so busy. I'm here as a walk in now, 17 other people in the lobby. Isn't moving quickly but they are doing their best and I'm willing to wait for the savings!

  2. Klutch Melonada and Firelands White Papaya (this one doesn't pop up enough!!)

  3. I had firelands sour papaya (like it), never tried the white. How is the Melonada?

  4. Sour Papaya is no contender compared to the White Papaya, especially in flavor, imo. Which is unfortunate because the dispensaries closest to me have Sour Papaya in stock much more often. Lol Melonada was alright but I probably won't buy it again anytime soon. O43 so much more worth the money.

  5. I’m a klutch fan haven’t seen that by me yet. Looks good. Is it better then O43?

  6. O43 is my favorite strain in the program that I can consistently find. Seems to be the perfectly balanced bud for me personally. Trying Melonana now and the effects are actually fairly similar, but it can't hold a candle to the smell or taste of O43.

  7. I feel very blessed to mostly not be having the same experiences. Every complaint I have is about the program itself, not usually anything that happens in a dispensary. There is one I don't prefer to go to, but that is one out of the several that I frequent. That one in particular has basically no parking in a busy area, but will still run sales that only happen during prime evening hours, then act like they are doing YOU a favor selling you the stuff. 😂 Seeing as the prices are so high, I'm very willing to go to an out-of-the-way dispensary to get the product I prefer, so out of a decent sample size, one bad dispensary isn't a bad rate. Bloom Columbus and The Botanist Columbus are both great imo. Wait times at Bloom are never too bad, even when they are slammed, and I enjoy their check in system that allows you to wait in your car vs outside in a line. (For full disclosure, I avoid Friday and Saturday evenings, but I do go on weekends). Employees at The Botanist are always super friendly and helpful.

  8. My husband tried the Banana Delight. He thought it tasted pretty good, but didn't have much of an effect. He is a big luster pod guy. I don't know how y'all stand those vape pens. 😂

  9. White papaya from Firelands scientific. Well I have had stronger streams for sure, the effects were nice and mellow, and it's the best tasting weed I've ever had.

  10. That’s an amazing picture

  11. He absolutely loves water, and always looks like a GD LUNATIC after he's been in it. 🤣

  12. *Playing with his best friend. Sorry, Harold. 🙃😄

  13. We were just about to give up, then we were finally successful. We had lost many houses before, that we bid on but go beat by waived appraisal. We wound up having to go 41k over asking price, waived inspection (calculated risk, it was an obviously well maintained house), and 30k appraisal gap coverage to win out. In North Linden. We definitely didn't think it would be this way, but we're relieved to have finally found something.

  14. I’ve got a mighty, and I pack it pretty tightly. The packing system it comes with (and dosing capsules) makes it super easy!

  15. With my Pax 2 (my first vape), I discover eventually that I needed to pack it a lot tighter than I was starting out. Improved my experience a lot.

  16. I love OCL. Wish I could get it closer to home.

  17. I work at Neighborhood Services Inc Food Pantry! Thank you so much for including us in the list. 2020 was quite a ride for us, to say the least.

  18. Do you need any volunteers? I just lost my job and have too much free time. I’d love to help somewhere and at least be of service

  19. I apologize for my delayed reply! I'm not a big Reddit user, I get confused by my notifications. Ha!

  20. I like it, but find I have to watch what I consume of it. Too much of this strain and I get very anxious. I'm a daily user, but only in the evening, so my tolerance might not be as high as some people's. Also, I'm prone to anxiety, however most my favorite strains I can smoke as much as I want and not get anxious.

  21. I feel bad for the store owners at Polaris. First the covid shutdowns and now this. No doubt this is going to affect business since people are going to be wary of going to a place that has had not one but two shootings. No one wants to risk catching a stray bullet just to go shopping. Safer to stay at home and buy online.

  22. Not to mention the turnover. I can't imagine that some employees won't walk out, especially if they were on shift for both shootings.

  23. Guys relax. That UPS driver looks like he's fine. Lol

  24. Ims super curious about how these work for ya.

  25. I love lemon cookie but definitely not the best nighttime strain.

  26. I'm super a 50/50 hybrid person. Orange 43 from Klutch is labeled at sativa sometimes, hybrid other times, but it always works like a great hybrid for me. NYC Flo and Thin Mint Cookies are a couple of my top favorites also, along with Lemon Mints, Kush Mints, and Rocket Fuel.

  27. I tend to google what I’m looking for and just end it with ‘reddit’. Makes it a hell of a lot easier to find relevant posts.

  28. Doing exactly what you pointed out here has been crucial to my husband and I's new home search. Lots of good info about neighborhoods in my city, from real people that live there, not realtor speak.

  29. I went there, with a PTSD diagnosis. I brought a receipt from a recent visit to my psychologist. It had the medical code for PTSD on it. She barely looked at it. She then asked me 1. When the triggering event happened 2. What my symptoms are. My PTSD is extremely complex and nothing I really wanted to discuss with this particular stranger. I kept my answers short and was out within 5 minutes. They will charge you before you get your card, even though it says you don't pay unless you're approved for the card. Don't let that stress you out. You'll be approved.

  30. Where's the sofa from? Shopping for a nice sectional 🤣

  31. I was just about to say, can we talk about your living room? Looks nice! Lol

  32. Strawberry fields in Dayton had them today.

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