1. Massive W, control is blue and blue is a cool color so big W.

  2. You can turn people into cows (u can turn yourself into a cow too) in Just Cause 4.

  3. Bro my rumble is from the 2008 christmas event its rare

  4. luckiest wast prolly getting dark coat first try when i was new to the 2nd sea

  5. honestly from personal experience dragon untransformed requires some skill

  6. bro fr chop is so op, its sadly so rare :(

  7. venom is S i almost killed a 16m bounty with it as a 2.7m (died cuz of race v4 but it was very close) also shadow should be A and rubber B also drag should be in S an ice should be in A

  8. why tf would you use spike in any moment of your life

  9. just trade venom and dragon for dough its a Fair trade, ur basically giving the dude free 3/3 and 2 paws

  10. varies which fruit u use cuz if dough imo e claw is better and for dragon godhuman is better

  11. how to say you're 8yrs old without saying you're 8yrs old:

  12. Everytime you find a fruit, someone drops you one or you get one in your inventory, you have to eat it.

  13. dragon is pretty good tbh but only in places where the enemies are close.

  14. Yeah but this combo is for grinding, it worked for me

  15. for sword mains id say cdk is the best but spikey is good too

  16. why tf do u care so much about a god damn thumbnail

  17. venom is worth shadow and buddha and control is worth way less so W

  18. bro sorry but u cant even get dough for that and leopard is 2 doughs

  19. that can get u a dragon at most dough is worth dragon and venom

  20. dragon, shadow and rumble for ur spikey trident

  21. can u make drawings of what do the abbilities do? it would be cool

  22. bro did u hold his whole bloodline at gunpoint to do this trade

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