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  1. After listening for 10 seconds, I deduce this was not Lexington, Kentucky.

  2. Do you have to crawl to get to the space or does it also have a normal door somewhere?

  3. Just a reminder that Dave Portnoy sucks major ass and is just a garbage human in general.

  4. "As far as the pitcher goes that’s your plate." hits the batter standing in the batter's box

  5. Surprised nobody has commented as this is on every news channel rn, but:

  6. Was there a dog sleeping on that cot near the window? =(

  7. "Clinic owner Dawn Todd told Storyful there were no serious injuries to staff, clients or pets as a result of the accident."

  8. Sounds like you instigated this encounter. 0 internet points awarded.

  9. I'd like for UT to get involved in supporting and promoting it. I'd like to see them support it with free or super cheap orange or white shirts for the oblivious fans who mess it up, but even just designating which game it's for would be good. Being fan-led is cool but please no more of this "hey let's do it in 6 days." So far all of them have ended up looking good, though.

  10. UT social media accounts will go with it after it gets some momentum with the fans, but they've never designated a game on the schedule as "Checker Neyland" like they do for Homecoming. That's what I think should happen.

  11. Inside of 1 year he and his cult committed 2 of the worst things an American political party did in our lifetimes.

  12. Ben Joyce has been assigned to the Rocket City Trash Pandas, in the same league as the Smokies. The teams are currently 1/2 in the standings, and the Trash Pandas come to Knoxville August 23-28 with the 27th being UT Night: the first 1000 fans get a Hendon Hooker bobblehead and the Smokies will be wearing special jerseys that will be auctioned off to benefit the Pat Summitt Foundation.

  13. Season tickets finally showed up in my account, and I've connected the UT app to the Ticketmaster account so I should be good to go. I guess at some point I'll go ahead and download the tickets to GPay; when you view the barcode it says under it "screenshots won't get you in." How would the scanner machine even know?

  14. As I've said before, not been super-closely following the Deshaun Watson story, figuring he'd get a lengthy suspension. Is it an NFLPA thing that the NFL didn't just suspend him and they went through an arbiter? I find it weird the NFL is having to appeal for a stronger punishment.

  15. I've gotten to when the alien starts appearing and after a number of encounters I just quit playing. I'd play at night and say "nope, I need to do this in the daytime" and then start it up during the daylight and end up saying "nah still can't." I've tried to advance but it's really just making sure I'm never out of sight of a locker or cabinet, and then just end up waiting in them until I get bored and either quit or throw some noisemakers and watch the alien on the struggle bus until I let it kill me.

  16. Supernatural forces don't determine the outcome of sporting events but just to be safe...

  17. Anyone here play Stray yet? I’m (seemingly) about 2/3 of the way through the game, and I’m enjoying it a lot more than I thought I would

  18. Do you walk around and do cat stuffs? All the clips I've seen of people playing are of them having their cats react to the video cat.

  19. Took some time off the gym, about 6 weeks, and I’m so damn itching to get back to it. I’ve lost like 4 lbs so I’m hoping I can still lift what I normally do Lmao

  20. What I do, and try to get others to do is this, and all this happens really quickly in my head:

  21. https://media.giphy.com/media/3ohs7SQbC0s1MLwoTu/giphy.gif

  22. Hilarious that some guy is complaining about the new screen being too small. Some people, man.

  23. Is it confirmed that the North one is smaller? They both look about 2.5 sections wide to me.

  24. I'm gonna guess that Tony's not done: D1Baseball has almost 2000 players still in the portal uncommitted, although it's not completely accurate even though they keep "updating" it. It still has Skenes as uncommitted, and it had Matt McCormick (the WVU catcher who committed last year but took a break from baseball and never played in Knoxville) as transferring from UT but nobody knows why that would be on there. Now it's changed to somebody named "Cooper McCormick" transferring from UT, who I don't think is a real person. But, even if there are a bunch of mistakes, there still has to be dozens of catchers available.

  25. Do we know which spot he frequented in the outfield?

  26. Checked a few box scores and he was in Left for all of them.

  27. She got another one at 1:05 and I thought we were going to see a Hulk Smash

  28. Damn, must be pretty bad if they're ruling him out completely

  29. Y’all got any more of them *sniff*… catchers?

  30. At this point I'm prepared to ride with Dickey. He played it in HS. He'll be awesome and we won't lose a game.

  31. I sit in Row 17 and the kicks don't make it that far. But if we win the game on a FG in the North End and you get the ball just shout the code word "HOOCHIE MAMA" and I'll know it's you.

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