1. You ARE pretty and I love the eyeshadow with the shirt 🥰

  2. Definitely mascara, that always looks feminine

  3. I don't see anything wrong with this tbh

  4. As another person said, I think they are just too wide for you imo. I'm a short girl and wide leg looks rubbish on me. Not sure if this is what you're referring too or not but wide leg just isn't for everyone

  5. I see a lot of people saying 7 but I personally think 5 would look nice. I think 7 might get a little peachy all over your face.

  6. The skirt makes the outfit a bit too casual imo. Can u put the top with something else? I actually think the cocktail dress would probably work better than you think

  7. It's an absolute compliment lol

  8. Thanks, that’s a big relief 😅 I’m not used to my new look at all yet so I was so stressed out earlier that I ruined my lips now

  9. That's understandable. It looks good so dw. It will dissolve eventually anyway but yeah x

  10. This annoys me literally every day tbh. I have however found a small brand that creates tops that have bras sewn into them. I'll edit this comment later with the link once I'm finished at work!

  11. Being a Tyrannosaurus Rex, I can’t see anything for you but soft dramatic! Your teeny tiny itty bitty lil arms and huge head don’t disrupt your vertical at all and you’ve got all that flesh on such a massive frame.

  12. I would literally just wear white sandals, that would be such a nice minimal vibe, but you can choose a colour to match the flowers as well like other people have said

  13. You look fab :). Love it. You're also very pretty

  14. But why girl, you look amazing 😩. I read your comment about being picked on for having hairy arms. I have hairy arms too, but I'm able to embrace it now. You don't need to cover up, but I understand if it makes you more comfortable

  15. Blue one looks so good on u, it's the right colour for your skin and the shape looks great. you look so pretty girl

  16. Not really! It’s actually one of the easier languages. And I have the advantage of speaking native Arabic which has many similarities with the language. Thank you!

  17. Ah that's cool :). Oooh I'm jealous you can speak Arabic lol. A multilingual king

  18. Oh wow being called multilingual (although I’m a multilingual queen :) ) is super flattering so thank you! Haha

  19. Ahhh, I had a hunch that I'd probably guessed that wrong. ✨Multilingual queen✨😌

  20. I love the first one, idk what u guys are talking abtttt. Both are nice tbh

  21. So pretty. You have a little bit of Kristen Dunst in your face imo

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