1. I saw some great shows at The Orbit Room, but man was that place a nightmare lol

  2. They keep saying they’ll release new stuff this year… I’ll believe it when I see it.

  3. They've been saying that for like 3 years now lmao

  4. In 2020 I was trying to find new games to play, so I Googled "games like The Sims" since The Sims has always been my favorite game. I was so excited reading about Paralives and then was crushed when I reached the end of the article and saw that it was still years away from release lol

  5. I had this happen to me too recently and then when I was walking past the corpse several in game days later I absorbed the soul, it was so weird.

  6. Probably gonna get some hate for this, but Bring Me The Horizon. Also I See Stars and old Underoath (Chasing Safety, Define the Great Line, and Lost In The Sound of Separation)

  7. Black Veil Brides. I saw them in 2010 opening for From First To Last, at the time I'd known about them for a while and was kinda into their music but I walked out of that show hating them. As soon as they hit the stage a bunch of teeny bopper girls rushed the stage and would not stop screaming "I love you Andy!" During the entire set. Not to mention their set was awful, they seemed more concerned about looking "cool" than the quality of their performance.

  8. Honestly it's pretty hilarious that you're tryna shit on BVB for having a teenage girl fanbase when you were there to see From First To Last lol

  9. I mean I was also a teenage girl at the time but the way those Andy Biersack fan girls acted was unlike anything I've ever seen. I had my fair share of crushes on band guys as a teen too but I never would've acted so crazy about it lol

  10. I had this happen once, can't remember what exactly the mod was for but I definitely wasn't looking for nudity and next thing I knew I had fully nude women attacking me. And of course there was no male nudity, just the women!

  11. Tour is back on with Dropout Kings headlining, they're now referring to it as the "Fuck Lil Xan Tour" lmao

  12. Been playing for 10 years and this still cracks me up every time

  13. Doomed, Avalanche, Happy Song, I don't know what to say, and why you gotta kick me when I'm down

  14. I'm so pissed at the venue choice, freedom hill is jank! Any chance you could lmk how much GA costs vs. Pit? I just wanna see the prices but even those are locked behind a code

  15. I've never been but that's kinda disappointing to hear, hopefully the choice of venue doesn't take away from the show. Looks like it's $59.50 plus fees for the pit and $29.50 plus fees for the lawn.

  16. It's just a terrible venue for metal shows. The lawn is distant and awkward, the pit is tiny and expensive, and everything else is chairs. I'm sure it's a great venue to get stoned at but if you wanna mosh? No shot. Not to mention the stage doesn't have any screens afaik. When I saw BMTH at 20Monroe in Grand Rapids, the visuals really elevated the show to the next level.

  17. Oh man I wish they would've had a show in Grand Rapids for this tour, those venues are like home to me and it would be way more convenient for me not having to drive all the way across state lol

  18. My strategy to avoid the craziness usually involves hanging toward the back or far left or right of the GA area cause the pits usually form toward the center of the crowd. If you aren't trying to mosh chances are most people will be able to tell by your body language and will leave you alone, just try not to get yourself in the middle of everything.

  19. Not metalcore, but My Chemical Romance is the only one of my favorite bands who I've never seen. I've waited 17 years to see them and I was supposed to in 2020 but I think everyone knows how that went. Thankfully it should actually be happening this September.

  20. Aaron Paul is a huge fan and has tried to get on the show a couple times. It always fell through for scheduling reasons though.

  21. Oh man, they need to make this happen!

  22. Nice to know I'm not the only one with a document keeping track of all the kids and baby daddies for the 100 baby challenge. I also name the kids in alphabetical order.

  23. The US justice system in a nutshell

  24. Huh apparently i never had a sim with low parenting skill because I always have options and get to know about the outcome

  25. I find that by the time my Sims' kids reach the child stage their parenting skill is high enough for that just from taking care of the kid when they were a baby and toddler. I only figured out how it works when I had a child ask their teenage brother for advice, and I was like "why do I only have one option?!"

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