1. Wouldn't think so, the latest report has made it clear that he's not even considered anymore.

  2. RB Leipzig wanted him, unless something changed today. but it sounded like he's too expensive for them

  3. Yeah, reports have come out that we're no longer looking at him.

  4. You'll never sing that

  5. would have been hilarious if Augustinsson ended up at Betis now

  6. Unfortunately, Betis has already bought a replacement

  7. Weren't they getting Moussa Dembele?

  8. They could do with two strikers in fairness

  9. Hopefully he's bullied to go to Bournmouth so we can sell Ziyech to Roma.

  10. And he's not good enough for Leipzig. His wages were disproportionate to his quality for years

  11. He would only be signed as a stopgap until Olmo and Nkunku are back. Still you're right, he hasn't really anything recently.

  12. Pretty cool that the Bundesliga (basically only Bayern) can tempt top players.

  13. Could be an interesting rotation option for Werner now that both Olmo and Nkunku are out injured.

  14. Perhaps, don't think there's an offical clause in his contract for a early arrival but it might be something that could be negotiated, Salzburg have quite many strikers.

  15. But will they be 100% fit? After being out for so long. Hard to say for Nkunku

  16. Yeah that's the real question, we'll just have to wait and see.

  17. Šeško is definitely more similar to Silva than Nkunku. At the same time, he's better at running in behind and is supposed to be more of goalscorer. The kid's only 19 though and has time to improve on his finishing, his physicality and movement is already quite good.

  18. Well, he's become a different type of striker since arriving here. Not the main man anymore but rather a provider for other players, mostly Nkunku. Still, it's obvious that he doesn't score as many goals as you'd expect him to.

  19. If it hits his head first, it's not a handball right?

  20. Can’t decide if Szoboszlai or Olmo is better, they’re both so good

  21. It's interesting how both of them are kinda prototypical 10s, and yet playing them both works really good for RBL

  22. It's working because we're playing 4-2-2-2 this season. Didn't work last season when used a 3-4-1-2 and Szobo often had to play in central midfield or at wingback.

  23. This season it's clearly Szobo, playing more with better output.

  24. Him and Danny Drinkwater fighting it out for the title of most hydrated

  25. Why do you think it ended like this? He had some good seasons in Russia previously.

  26. Kramer had no clue how to use him, whenever he played he looked disinterested and it seems like Reis didn’t rate him at all

  27. That's too bad, hopefully he can get back to his best when he was actually in the national team.

  28. Damn Leeds really are backing Marsch

  29. With more wingers they don't really need? This would be quite an odd signing considering there are bigger holes in the team.

  30. Defitnely true, these reports might not actually be accurate though.

  31. So how is Brobbey doing?

  32. BVB's sacking of Rose still makes no sense. You let a good coach go because he didn't get far in european competitions in his first season, then your direct competitor instantly hires him and starts performing, because he's a good coach, while you keep struggling

  33. It was especially strange because their summer recruitment was seemingly still tailored to Rose's system (e.g. signing Adeyemi instead of a much needed winger).

  34. What would you say is the difference between Rose's system and that of Rangnick or Hassenhuttl?

  35. I can only comment on how Rose's system has looked since joining us. As for that, I do feel as though we now offer more in settled possession than we did around the Hassenhuttl days. There's seems to be a higher emphasis on building out from the back as well as actually keeping hold of possession rather constantly losing the ball to then chase after it. Of course, it's still Red Bull football but a more balanced version of it.

  36. They have 4 first team attackers + Soler, he would get minutes and besides, Messi is 35.

  37. Reportedly there's also a sell on clause included in the deal.

  38. Kinda crazy how Wolfsburg has the second best goal difference in the league yet their seventh pointswise.

  39. Willing to bet money that its either red bull or leverkusen.

  40. We already have Simakan, Henrichs and Klostermann at rightback.

  41. Fuck this has Leipzig signing Seiwald written all over it, I don't like that

  42. Is there actually an agreement to only transfer one player per season? You here about it sometimes but I have no idea if it's true.

  43. Regardless of the Mac Allister/Caicedo situations we still need another midfielder as we never really replaced Mwepu or Moder (who is still out for another few months with the ACL injury), so this would be a great addition.

  44. I think a big thing is that we already have 2 midfielders leaving in the summer (Laimer going to Bayern on a free and Kampl is out of contract). Otherwise, I think we'd be quite okay with letting him leave.

  45. My man you batter the team, no need to be a fucking sore winner. Fucking hate the energy drink cunt

  46. Supposedly, the reason this started was because some of the home fans tried to rip down a flag that had been put up by the Leipzig block. Still not in any way a justification for the violence, the Schalke fans weren't in the process of riping anything down when they got hit. Hopefully there will be an investigation surrounding this incident.

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