1. Your expressions are disconcerting because your smile doesn’t touch your eyes, which people find deeply unsettling, as it indicates the smiler is being deceptive, lacks true empathy or is masking ill intent.

  2. You've obviously never been to one then (at least a good one) where the community absolutely does clean up 100%

  3. Oh gee I thought I had included bad pics haha but thank you! Here’s some other outfit pics, unfortunately none are straight on neutral pics, but hopefully they help :)

  4. I can just see the one but I think I’m seeing upper back width. That said it’s slight so you may be able to ‘get away’ with things the rest of us can’t really pull off

  5. I think I fixed it! But I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s slight. I have such a hard time distinguishing narrow FN’s and D’s which is probably why I’m having such a hard time typing myself

  6. It’s a bit hard to say! I think at the end of the day, try on the recommended necklines and fabric weights and structure and decide what celebrates your lines best. I’m struggling to decide if some of these clothes don’t look great because baggy and oversized doesn’t look great on FNs or because you don’t need width accomodation. You might be a Jamie Lee Curtis!

  7. i'm gonna start talking about my yang this way. "people stop me on the street and ask me if i'm a basketball player or a runway model, the only two FN professions. i gained 40 pounds and didn't change shirt size because i already had to dress for my dominant frame. i buy men's flannels because the seams on women's ones can't handle my shoulder blades"

  8. Old Hollywood baddies fit into every type which is why Kibbe wants us to watch the old classics …

  9. These plates meet compliance, people placing them only care about compliance.

  10. My favourite was the temporary bike path reroute that redirected bike path into a kerb. Can’t move it, it’s “compliant”. I just about exploded.

  11. FN. Look how the off the shoulder, substantial straps look fabulous on you. Look how the lack of ‘waist emphasis’ highlights your elongation. See how the delicate fabric looks a little fussy and separate from you? FN for sure.

  12. Are you screwing it through just drywall or ?

  13. Honestly you could just compare yourself to the closest TGS member and it would be six times more accurate than the test. I’m the living embodiment of Whatsherface. I’d share pictures of me in high school but there’s really no discernable difference between us

  14. Somebody doesn’t have cats, vigorous sex or back issues.

  15. Where do you buy your jumpsuits? I have tried on every single one I could see and the torso I always too short...

  16. I try on every jumpsuit I see, and check out reviews for “too long in the torso” :D

  17. Is your clothing still skimming or showing your waist?

  18. I guess not necessarily- ideally I should at least aim for clothes that skim the waist. But I thought "oversized"/caftan-style looked good on FN?

  19. My understanding is that unconstructed means without the sharp tailoring or stiffness that works for DCS and Ds, or the cinching effects of waist emphasis. I don’t think kibbe himself said we should wear oversized, just that the lines of our silhouettes are oversized and geometric. I’m pure N but lean more FN than SN but I look terrible in the gigantic knits they always show on FN models.

  20. We actually switched to dirt litter because my girl is so fastidious and pees so much. The dirt absorbs the smell of the pee until it dries (people come into my tiny apartment and are surprised we have a cat because they can’t smell it) and we just scoop the poops. We only dump her litter once a month and it’s just $10. Made me feel a lot better about the environmental impact of owning her.

  21. It's easy to say "do better". We have done better, our rubbish has been so much deducted, and I don't think 1x bin bag per week is bad but it still fills the bin on top of cat litter bags.

  22. I don’t own a car. I carried my soft plastic home (full of groceries) in my reusable bags home, why can’t I bring them back the same way? It’s not a separate trip. I fold them up small, shove them into a slightly larger resealable plastic bag that’s also soft plastic (like a dumpling bag) and pop them in my reusable bag on the way to the grocery store. It’s not a separate trip.

  23. Way before Alice had this hair it was Selphie from final fantasy 8’s look

  24. She’s into nature feel we’ll go take a “walk” to the gardens next to the restaurant right before dinner and then the other couple were going with will take the pics and videos.

  25. I’m not a fan of the hem. Kind of a mullet vibe for me. It would look cuter as a mini dress! I’d cut off the excess at the back.

  26. A friend of mine told me the same. But the wedding has a dress code, and all attendees should wear long gowns.

  27. Ok hear me out - what if you went POUFIER. Black tulle is so cheap it’s nearly free. By adding an under layer you could have a full length black skirt at the front and the additional tulle would push out the back, giving a more A line look rather than this inverted triangle that’s happening atm?

  28. Looks stretched across your hips and the mid cut doesn’t look great

  29. You didn’t get her back roll… but it’s better.

  30. Fuck clubs man, just go to bimbos or persa. They have dance floors anyway but there are actually places you can go to hear each other speak.

  31. I mean … clubs like Persa and The Provincial do us a service by corralling a certain type of person so we don’t have to deal with them or their Pitbull requests elsewhere

  32. Why would you expect Bulgarians to not have their own cliques? Isn’t it the same if you would go say to South Korea, China or anywhere really? What does even “real friends” mean in the context of digital nomadism. I swear digital nomads on this sub have some weird expectations about locals in they countries they travel.

  33. There’s more and less cliquey places. Melbournians, for example, hang out with their high school friends until they die. You can join them but you’ll always be the new guy or the girlfriend. Toronto, everyone’s much more open.

  34. I’m not in love with the neckline and I can’t put my finger on why ?

  35. What’s besties parents like? If they’re lovely or out of touch it might be worth a check in. Or they might be as bad as their kid.

  36. Your eyeshadow application is patchy and your eyeliner application and shadow shape doesn’t suit your downturned eyes (I have them too). Check out some hooded foxy tutorials for a shape that will lift them and make sure you’re using a few shades and blending the edges out. Honestly this would be enough to make a total difference how your face ‘reads’.

  37. I *almost* found out the hard way that if you move from your address in the BCC area, and don't UN-REGISTER your dogs with BCC, they can also fine you for that.

  38. Except nobody with a responsible dog can use off leash dog parks because that’s where all the irresponsible people with unhinged dogs go. None of my friends with dogs go to dog parks anymore because their dogs have all been attacked.

  39. I guess that is on owners, can't really blame BCC for that unless they have regular patrols - still wouldn't be a solve all but a heightened presence of officers may encourage better owner behaviour. But like I said, they are lacking in staff in animal control, for sure.

  40. CCTV and massive fines for out of control dog owners would go a long way.

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