Congratulations Lunatics. Do Kwon just gave regulators the opportunity they have been gagging for to come in and absolutely rail the crypto industry and exchanges.

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  1. Jeff nippard on YouTube has really good fundamental videos

  2. Nick Foles can play the post season

  3. Everything everyone all at once

  4. Yes, I got stopped on Christmas eve by a State Trooper on the US60. Got a fixit ticket. Took the tint off and they waived the fine.

  5. Hella late to this post ik but I wanted to ask How did they verify that you removed the tint?

  6. Extracurriculars especially the ones with fees

  7. It will not be easy but it's worth it

  8. There might be people here like:go skate somewhere else. I CANT this road design is everywhere I cant go anywhere BECAUSE they are all like this.

  9. Back from being hunched over, knees from shooting and being shot on, hips from being in a stance for hella long

  10. That cat is living his best life

  11. I believe in the technology and I equate my opportunity to how it would've been for someone who invested in apple, tesla, Amazon, etc. early

  12. I wish there were reactions like on fb

  13. I also dislike shadows of evil

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