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  1. It’s a way for me to connect with friends who live thousands of miles away on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. Saturday mornings we fire up a party and talk about our week while playing co-op Returnal, Rocket League or whatever. I look forward to it every week. I miss my family. I miss my friends. Gaming is so much more than some people think.

  2. FYI Electropylon with Pylon web is a terrible weapon for this boss fight (most boss fights). It will take much longer to kill than a decent quick-fire rate weapon. If you want damage over time, use a Rotgland with explosive and corrosive traits, much quicker with greater damage.

  3. I think the amount of bonus damage a weapon has makes a difference. The first two phases were over quickly, but I struggled a bit with phase 3 because of range. When I got closer Nemesis melted. Ironically I’ve had bad luck with Rotglands before.

  4. Sam needs some along time... Deadman wouldn't mind babysitting, would he?

  5. Hoping you’re healed up and have been able to play again 👋

  6. I have a giant curio cabinet of DS collectibles in my living room and 3D printed parts to an odradek next to me on my desk. It's been over two years now since I first played and I still can't let it go either... I lament that a hand injury is keeping me away from the game itself but hanging out here and helping out other folks helps me feel involved still. :D

  7. Thank you so much for what you’ve done for me and for the light you are to this community. How is your hand doing?

  8. Still recovering, sadly. I was able to play DS for 3 hours last week but still having a hard time doing other things... like sanding/smoothing those odradek parts lol. But I'm happy to help people here, it helps to keep feeling involved and carry on the spirit of the game. :D

  9. I’ve feel like there’s something profound I should be saying that eloquently connects the symbolism of hands used in DS to with your hand injury. I’m glad to hear your hand is recovering even if it’s slowly.

  10. Algos Infinity form seems to start on phase 4 and continue indefinitely.

  11. How long is each phase? Sorry for all the questions!

  12. It’s cool! I’ll answer what I can. Each phase consists of 20 rooms, some filled with spawning enemies, others filled with glyphs, chests, locked doors, etc. you use a 1 way teleporter to go between the rooms, hence you only go “up” the tower. Once a phase is complete (phase 1 room 20) you teleport to the very next phase (phase 2 room 1) and your play through only ends when you die.

  13. Last questions! At what point is more of the story revealed? Each phase? Room? When you die? Another way? Do you feel like more about what’s going on is revealed or is it still open to interpretation? Thanks!

  14. I'm confused, what's infuriating about this. I'd rather see a cute turtle than an ad.

  15. Hey! Deaths in the many hundreds now. And this post is a month old. I've been playing consistently and this afternoon I beat Phrike I am so pleased. I still love the game Running through biome one afterwards feels great

  16. When you restart the cycle it doesn’t count as a death. So, numbers of deaths is really insignificant - players can let themselves die and that would count as a death, or do a very careless run and simply reset. Also, when the game was more recent it was not super stable and could just crash. Esp if you let the game on pause overnight. So you could get the experience of the run (which is really all that matters - learning how to beat new enemies, layout of rooms etc. ) without an impact on game stats.

  17. Great points. I definitely fell into the exploration trap. Great example is one of the final rooms before Ophion in biome 6. I would take everyone on and get banged up with malfunctions. The moment I decided to just nope out of it and go directly to Ophion with my health and consumables intact I finished the biome.

  18. False. I willed myself into existence by being faster than my million brethren.

  19. I hope life is treating you well. I mean that sincerely.

  20. Depends if we were shown a true trailer of life before accepting it

  21. It’s in Biome 5. It probably won’t be very impressive when you first pick it up, but don’t sleep on it. Unlock the traits for it and get used to the play style it requires and it is without a doubt the most powerful weapon in the game. And a hell of a lot of fun too!

  22. Same here. Ixion kills me on his 3rd phase every time.

  23. This is the best Ixion guide I’ve found. I watched it before facing off and got through first time

  24. Platinum, something under 300 deaths, 150 hours. It took about 100 deaths and 50 hours to beat Phrike (with a little less than 10 attempts at Phrike overall), and I knew that wasn't a great result. Why did I keep going? I don't know, but I was seriously hell-bent on beating at least the first boss. After that, I wouldn't say it "clicked" like so many do, but I was making progress and feeling good (apart from struggles in B3 and B5). I even beat Nemesis on the first try (..when I finally got there)! I would have thought that I was doing all right. If it wasn't for this sub, I wouldn't even know that the remaining 200 deaths and 100 hours for the last 5 biomes were also incredibly slow and bad!

  25. So much of your experience resonates with me. Incredible achievement beating Nemesis first try by the way. I’d love to try DLC as well for the same reasons. I navigate biomes more effortlessly now, but it might just be because I’m familiar with them.

  26. I was at 115 when I beat Act 2. I feel you! I think it shows persistence on our parts to see it through. Returnal is a goddamn masterpiece.

  27. It’s rare that I can say I understand what you’ve been through, but in this case I can!

  28. I am really struggling in biome 3. Whenever I find those damned drones I get hit a lot and lose all my wealth vials.

  29. I really struggled with Biome 3 and those drones. What finally worked for me was:

  30. Returnal is great! You are right that it's totally different, but I had a lot of fun with it. My only sad side totally hat is I ended up having a really lucky overpowered run after about 4 hours of playing that just carried me through to the end of the game, so I beat it super fast. It's got tons of replayability though.

  31. Wow! What Returnal loadout did you have?? You’re selling yourself short no doubt, because there’s no loudout that’s good enough if you don’t have skill. Hats off Trebbs!

  32. Stuck at first nightmare. Did it on hard in base game but on very hard any mistake I make is even worse.

  33. I struggled with it a lot as well. Let me know once you’ve defeated Cliff. I’d love to know which strategy you used.

  34. Might just lower difficulty to be honest. Had a hard enough time on hard in base game. Kinda don't want to spend hours if not days trying to do it.

  35. My aim sucks too. I loaded up with hematic grenades before the nightmare starts. Just snuck up and peppered him.

  36. You’re making a difference to another porter’s play though. Keep on keeping on!

  37. Any that require SSN should have a very good idea

  38. Closer for sure. Not exact. Lots of identity theft.

  39. You would be surprised at how much they do know - its really hard to hide synthetic activity on a large scale.

  40. Sounds like you’ve been having a whale of a time.

  41. Funnily enough, Vietnam was the one I struggled with the most during my first play through. Stealth never occurred to me, like ever. I can't wait to deploy your strategy!

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