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  1. When people say not everyone should be allowed to own guns this is why

  2. The way the pmc handles that glock is like the pmc is struggling for his life fighting off an invisible devil that is trying to make him commit suicide, after breaking both of his wrists and coating the grip in ky jelly.

  3. Honestly don’t even know how to respond, but your pretty fucking dumb. Looks just fine to a everyone except people like you who have no experience painting weapons. I painted mine like this cause it works over seas. When your actually in the military and have been in environment’s where a camo like this is fitting, this is the perfect camo. And before you complain about the rail itself not being camo’d. It’s a new rail I put on, same with the buttstock.

  4. When you’re actually in the military you don’t have to add artificial wear because it wears naturally, tf is that shit on the forward assist, magwell, dust cover, etc

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