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  1. It’s so you don’t get hacked, but op didn’t blur out the gems so it’s over for them.

  2. Minecraft moment (needed some cooked pork)

  3. I mean I'm not shedding tears for the guy, but it's shocking how many people in the comments are totally fine with what the cop did. Cops aren't supposed to be an execution force. Some of y'all are fine with cops killing with impunity because you think it'll never happen to you.

  4. Yeah but most of us won’t be fleeing cops on a motorcycle chase and endangering other drivers and pedestrians. Biker should’ve known what they were getting into, but I agree to an extent that the cop should’ve considered a way to catch the biker in a non-lethal way.

  5. I've spent over half my life waiting for a new one. I'm envious of you! But really, great to see newer fans of the boost power. Know about the anime or jazz album? Both are awesome.

  6. Watched the whole anime and thought it was really underrated, and I’ve heard bits of the jazz album. Sad to hear you’ve been waiting that long for a new game 😢

  7. Actually fax btw which track is your fav


  9. cooking chicken (dont let it fall on pp, you might get pp salmonella)

  10. So you are the overlevelled person I fought earlier. Huh.

  11. Blame it all on greedycell. They give us overleveled opponents to bait us into making in-app purchases 😡😡🤬🤬😡

  12. Not really helpfully but this is the artist

  13. Woah I wasn’t expecting this comment a year later… thanks!!

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