1. Thank you ! Is that a stronger type of shroom compared to others out there? Still learning and getting myself familiar with the different type of shrooms out there... this will be my 2nd time ever to take a trip so kinda a newbie still I guess. 1st time I ate the whole 8th and it was an intense and amazing experience but this time I don't wanna take it too far so wanna lower my dose but still be able to get some good visual sensations out of the trip.

  2. Took my first trip 2 years ago, ate an 8th and it was a great experience but this time around for my next trip I'll be with friends in public so thinking about only doing 2.5g this time cause the full 8th had me not being able to function right in front of people lol but was wondering what type of shrooms I have, heard different stains are stronger than others. Need to determine how strong these mushiess are and what dose I should do to still get the trippy visual sensations but still be alright in front of other people while I'm tripping.

  3. Appreciate the reply ! Yeah I was thinking atleast 2.5g maybe 2.8 or no more than 3g

  4. All pods aren't lusters. There's other pods like airo out there.

  5. Lol no no no, airo are not pods, even if the box say they are, definitely still a cartridge tho, not even in pod form lol... if a pod isn't luster then it ain't worth it anyways.

  6. Yea you guys that can't handle your luster are definitely hitting em too hard. These aren't 510s, there's no need to be hitting em so hard it hurts. If properly used, Lusters are the smoothest smoking experience you'll ever have.

  7. In other words, sip on em, don't suck on em. Really doesn't take a lot to draw the vapors out from the luster pods.

  8. I got both garlic storm and arnie palmer. Both are good, really enjoying the arnie palmer out of the two, taste like tea ! Good taste and effects

  9. I’ve been eyeing that garlic storm but even with the 20% off it’s still such a high price I’ve been waiting to see someone try it first lol.

  10. These certified cultivator pods are really good quality actually. If I didn't know any better I'd say they were klutch or grow ohio pods, the quality is there ! Great taste and effects. Glad I picked some up. Wish the garlic storm was more garlicy tho, my pod seems to be heavy on the slurricane vs the garlicane it's crossed with, has a very purple fruity taste to it, still very delicious nonetheless.

  11. I picked up the Arnie Palmer. Has a strong flower smell but a great feeling!

  12. I'm really enjoying ghe Arnie Palmer a lot more than I thought compared to the garlic storm. The palmer really does have this ice tea taste to it, very delicious and affects are great, glad I got several Arnie pods.

  13. Sunnyside and verilife have both done this verilife has gotten better a little bit but Sunnyside don't care

  14. Yeah pretty sure sunnyside doesn't start getting your order prepared until you check in at the front desk or something.

  15. Whenever there is a hott sale going on at CC you better put in your order the night before or super super early in the AM or this is what the menu will look like. They didn't take anything off the menu, a lot of people have already placed their order in so its sold out already. Gotta be quick to get your order in when it's a good sale.

  16. Oooh never had anything certified before but this has definitely gotten my attention.. what's the flavor like ? Hope its got a strong garlic taste to it !

  17. It's definitely a power hitter, even has such a strong smell to it.. my sister was smoking on a lemon slushee pod on the other side of the room from me and I could smell it, knew it was lemon slushee too, has such a distinct smell to it.

  18. The luster go way faster then just 510 Carts I think. Me and my buddy at work sucked a BE LR pod down at work in like 2 hours flat the other day.

  19. Ahh yess I remember when I had similar affects when I first started smoking. Truly high times.

  20. Looks like something thar washed up from sea. So sad to see this, I really like galenas.

  21. I'm trying to test out all the Galenas strains and everyone I've tried has all tasted / smelled significantly different from one another.

  22. They are all strain specific… even the pineapple pez and Sherbhead.. it’s live resin from both of them combined lol

  23. Come on we all know they mean separately. I really wanted to try sherbhead LR but as soon as I seen "& pineapple pz" on the label, was like NOPE 🤢

  24. Ahh I'm so happy I don't have to resort to sneaking off in the restrooms for a quick puff. Luckily I can a smoke freely on the job, my boss is cool with it.

  25. Yeah I was a few weeks ago. Managed to fix the problem by clearing out the cookie cache on the site.

  26. Big feels on this ! Can't remember the last time I had a 510 since switching to luster pods.

  27. Don't see 7 grandmas but I do see 1 chicken leg

  28. Why not juat use the scale to just weigh it 🥴

  29. I keep checking Sunnyside and the site keeps crashing on me. Heh 😂

  30. Mine was too.. fixed it by clear out the cookie cache on the site.

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