1. Benintendi swinging at a ball on a 2-0 count

  2. This is how he defended himself, a direct quote, I think it was either here or on

  3. Isn’t Everton the Catholic club in Merseyside?

  4. Look at OPs name lol dude has an agenda

  5. UCF will catch up, just have to get their inertia moving.

  6. It’s 2021 all over again we can’t hit

  7. Dominated in midfield completely and rarely got much on attack, but chelsea barely had chances in the 1st half, and Sess and Kane were both 1 on 1 against the keeper.

  8. KK’s goal couldn’t have had a high xG either

  9. He has my team top 10, so this is a logical and objectively correct list containing no bait.

  10. Flair up before you talk like that. We just finished fourth in the country two years ago.

  11. Imagine if that was a conference. Convince people Arkansas is in Texas and we’re cooking with gas

  12. Arkansas feels just like Texas it’s wild

  13. They’ve played the Astros far more than we have, and have a winning record against current seeded playoff teams. Not a good argument.

  14. They’ve also played Oakland, LAA and Texas far more than we have

  15. This. I'm lukewarm on Tua in that I believe he is better than he is shown but I'm far from convinced he's the franchise guy, but Jesus some of the unwarranted Tua hate really gets old.

  16. Encarnación was a big part of those mid 2010’s Blue jays teams im sure he’s well liked up there

  17. He’s somewhere sittin sideways in a two door coupe

  18. “Please let the people know in Philadelphia it’s football not soccer”🤓🤓

  19. He’s like if Aaron Judge and Carp had a kid

  20. Aaronson did really well working to win that ball back leading to the goal

  21. Fulham just had two American starters in the EPL. Not an American manager but the future is bright!

  22. Well the words Ream and Future don’t go together too well but I get what you mean

  23. Am I too much of a homer for thinking UAB belongs in the 5ish teams right outside the top 25? I always expect to be there on these lists

  24. No. Houston was a tough draw you guys could’ve went on a run if you had played a 5 seed like Iowa

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