1. You get the whip from Juno Hoslow not Diallos

  2. You can also get it from Diallos. I locked myself out of the volcano manor quest by beating Rykard so Diallos is the only way I have to still get it but he's not anywhere that I can find.

  3. Okay apologies I didn’t realise. In that case it’s likely that because you had to complete atleast 2 contracts at Volcano Manor to progress in Diallos’ quest line that his quests are no longer available. As a result you can no longer find him.

  4. Yeah sure, happy to help. Currently on NG+3 not sure if that matters.

  5. It’s not as bad as being stuck on a boss, having your Mimic kill them as it says “You Died” on the screen and then spending another couple of hours stuck 🥲

  6. I reckon that the gold mask and Elden lord ending is merely just a case of you replacing the Elden Beast. You do what you want, but your free will is what they don’t like, so they fight you in an attempt to keep their influence. Just a quick answer and speculation.

  7. Watch loads of guides on YouTube. There is no guidance in the game so it helps a lot ! Be prepared to grind … that’s half the experience . Give the game your time too, don’t get impatient.

  8. Mohg is currently the most expensive boss I have fought

  9. This is my worst nightmare 😵😵‍💫 how embarrassing 🤦🏼

  10. I love them all, especially the Prisoner of Azkaban cover. But my favorite has to be the cover for Order of the Phoenix ! 😍

  11. Sniffing coke off a strippers tits probably. Not something I would want, but the issue with “cool” kids is that they think they are cool when they are young. They think they have to continue, and go down a rabbit hole into Alice in wonderlands worlds of misery.

  12. Finished the game on death march during the time I had no internet for a week and I never got the achievement :(

  13. Oh damn that sucks 😵‍💫

  14. I always felt like the horribly annoying and hard part of death march was the first like 10-15 levels, until you get some gear that isn't trash and some skill points. After that it's not that bad, depending a bit on what spec you run. I always took the Gourmet perk because it's so incredibly useful, but I know people intentionally don't use it because of how much easier it makes everything.

  15. Yeah I used that perk tbh 😅

  16. This shit like a damn horror movie the way that beast emerging from the murky water with its prey

  17. Yeah it’s fucked at first you think it’s a floating body. Bad enough it’s a body and then the croc comes out 😟

  18. Big Ben has officially become Big Dick instead 😭

  19. Literally 😂 and sometimes you have to wear gloves too !

  20. A real French baguette 🥖

  21. Lavender and fresh rain 😇

  22. because it's signalling to the wider woke world, not actually aimed at recruiting swedes

  23. Then what’s the point of it then ? Calling others out ?

  24. Defo the 2nd but listen to mine. On my first playthrough I went all the way to fighting Imlerith and realised I hadn’t properly romanced Yen, so re started the play through so I got it right ✋🏼🤭😵‍💫

  25. Ah lovely, now I can sleep peacefully

  26. Yeah. I finished the rpg7 last night and now I am working on the JOKR and it is so much easier to my being able to lock onto personal radars. I hated missing those with the rpg7.

  27. With Hardcore Shipment the JOKR is a piece of cake, got it gold faster than every other launcher although tbh I knew how to grind launchers better by the time I got to it haha

  28. Ha same. I used hardcore shipment for leveling it and the thing went from level one to max level in an hour or so with using tokens and got all the kills portion done so easily.

  29. Yeah super easy stuff. For everything else it’s good to just sit back in 10v10 mosh pit, I felt that what was needed for challenges popped up more often in that mode than ground war too.

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