1. Always remember, "There are no rules in the big pool"

  2. The squirrels would be pissed if they the upper-level stuff we keep for ourselves.

  3. All the way to chaos, huh. Sounds like quite a distance.

  4. i don’t dislike dogs, neither do i like goldfish. i’m just curious as to why specifically Americans like dogs so much.

  5. Wouldn't be their last generation parents who were responsible for teaching them DIY skills?

  6. Instead of joisting, which is just a sporting event, I've heard it's because most people are right-handed. So when passing an unknown person on your horse, you tend to pass so your sword hand is on the side nearest the unknown, possibly threatening, person.

  7. Yep as you say it's due to keeping your weapon on the side nearest potential enemies as there was far more people on horseback with weapons that weren't jousting.

  8. Another fun fact is the staircases in castles spiral up with wall on the right. So defenders coming down have open space to swing their swords, while attackers working upwards have the wall restricting how much they can swing.

  9. “If America is a democracy, how are there Republicans?“

  10. My favorite objective was when that lame ass boat sunk and they lost 500 people

  11. Don't forget their objective of crossing a river that cost them a battalion.

  12. But, you have to admit, they're world class threat makers. Second only to Iraqi Minister of Foreign Affairs, Bagdad Bob.

  13. This is a really interesting piece. It dates back to the 1940s, made in Yorkshire by Wedgewood. It's a cock train. After a hearty dinner party, gentlemen would stand up, unzip, and flomp their meaty sword into the cock train as a sign of gratitude for the food. They came in all sorts of designs, I have no idea where I'm going with this but thanks for your time.

  14. My cock was involved in a train once, but there was no pig. Well, upon reflection, Cindy was a little heavy.

  15. Made me laugh and reminisce. As a young kid, when there were parties in our neighborhood, we would write a note that simply said “Sorry I dented your car.” And put them on one of the nicer vehicles, then hide close by and watch and laugh as they circled their car looking for a dent before they left. We never actually damaged anything, just left the note, but the anger and frustration you would hear were unbelievable. I know, I was a little ahole.

  16. No law against writing a note and leaving it on someone's car.

  17. You know, I'm with him on that. But once I heard him talking bad about the Infiniti G37's and said they're suspensions don't last. Not sure how he decided that one.

  18. I can't believe I had to go this far down the list to find it. This show had the perfect ending of any show I've ever watched.

  19. I didn't even realize how much I'd been unconsciously rooting for Jesse until he was driving down the road screaming.

  20. This is so true. Also Frasier was the best spin off in TV history

  21. That's how they smuggle black, tar heroin. You should probably make a call while you can still pronounce Narcan.

  22. Yep, 74% are overweight according to the Washington Post.

  23. Exactly, you are pretty much a 1 percenter at this point!

  24. I straight up put names in Notes on my phone. Then I can pull it up when needed. Some people have odd names, plus I see them once every 4 months or so. After a while it sinks in.

  25. At the age when it becomes important for other people to be able to read what you write.

  26. Thanks to whomever stopped this video at this particular frame. Well done.

  27. Now don't come back and tell us you're sporting a long white goatee.

  28. This was Sarah's book. She wrote out her feelings, which made her feel better. But she never passed the note along or said these words to anyone.

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