1. Instead of being remotely objective, this article doesn't even mention that unvaxxed people lost jobs by the thousands, let lone get into the litigation surrounding that. So if there's a 'populist playbook', then gaslighting from our media looks to indeed be part of it. It's articles like this that lead to distrust in our media.

  2. Do we really have any number on the amount of people who lost their job because of an irrational pre-scientific apprehension of vaccine?

  3. " I shoul'd be allowed to be an oversized threat to society, let me drink and drive already. It's too inconvenient otherwise."

  4. Correcting myself, there's already litigation about this topic.

  5. Women's hockey is obviously a different calibre, but it's pretty disingenuous to compare goal highlights from one Olympics (and call it "women's hockey 2022" lol) to an entire NHL season.

  6. "I could maybe find better women's hockey highlights... If they were available."

  7. He never used tik tok to campaign for legal weed, it was being legalized before he was elected leader, and the NDP under Mulcair didn’t support legalization (huge mistake).

  8. This would be referring to how the Liberals utilized the legal weed topic to sweep into power in 2015.


  10. The nuance involved literal fires on the streets and buildings though.

  11. But who's buying if the drugs are free? Kind of sounds like they're giving addicts a clean supply and putting drug dealers out of a job.

  12. Unless there is strict monitoring, and more importantly, getting users off the drugs, these drugs are just resold in the black market to where they are more valuable. It's already common practice when it comes to prescription painkiller drugs. Nobody gives a shit because money is ultimately making it to the source.

  13. I mean decriminalization can work if we do the Portugal model where treatment and recovery is mandatory. But B.C isn't doing that. Instead they are just giving drugs to people with no conditions and no mandatory treatment or recovery.

  14. Portugal is often mentioned by folks who just want more free drugs. Re-selling them would be a huge market.

  15. Not to be snarky, but after you've had it once or twice, what is there to do at that point?

  16. It's funny you can never say what you want and talk in code. So why do you think the hospital data is fake?

  17. "Ahh... Well good job everyone in stretching out this nonsense for the whole week."

  18. "Here's where we forget that it doesn't really matter what she thinks about the subject."

  19. France doesn't share how much money or weapons they send to Ukraine so how do you know that ?

  20. "Sorry eh, but we're too busy taking care of other countries' military."

  21. It's been this way for a while unfortunately

  22. "I'm just going to continue my bs agenda about the US on Canada's sub. While ommitting data that doesn't work for it."

  23. "I'm just going to keep on trying to put words in other people's mouths instead of having an actual discussion"

  24. Public safety and the opioid crisis. Seems that everyone just wants to make bank on it. The choice is status quo watch it all burn down or police it up again, but make coin on 'safe supply.'

  25. Well I guess that's one way to get more folks to move to Alberta.

  26. "We need something other than covid, food prices, real estate, and the central bank to politicize."

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