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  1. Dad is 60 and son is 10? Lol looks like it, this is very true story when I get old.

  2. Jesus gonna win. I didn't know he visited the backrooms.

  3. i showed the picture to my friend and she said "that looks like my primary school"

  4. eh, my primary school was really tiny, would have loved to have 600 million square miles of it!

  5. lol, I'm home schooled so my school room is my house lol

  6. Did you leave the game by turning off your device or exiting the game directly in your last session? Bans are initiated on the first login after you receive the ban, so if you rage quit the application quickly enough, I imagine the ban won't start until you log in again. Idk. Could be something else. Could be your teammate.

  7. Nope, I won my last game on thursday, then loaded up today and this came up. I won my last 3 games. And I never leave in the middle of a game.

  8. Nope, he had same as me, he never leaves matches either and he one his last 2 games.

  9. As of now; you'll face GC's in all ranked modes from mid plat upward... tried to reach diamond in 3's, but was gatekept by 2 different teams made up by GC's in the deciding game.

  10. That's why I hate this new season, I was I diamond and it put me as a gold V when the season reset, from there on I come across champs and GCs in plat. I cannot deal with this.

  11. Hi, I'm XGameSeeker, a committed rocket league player looking to get better and go pro. Currently I'm sitting around d2 in 2s, p3 in 3s, and p2 in 1s. I'm looking for a coach to do maybe some replay analysis and some other coaching things. If anything message me on discord. I'll put my name in the bottom. Have a great day and hope you reach out.

  12. If you want some early feedback or someone who could help you, feel free to ask!

  13. Ye sure, I really just started. It was a dream so I wrote it down with no detail at all, now it's just adding detail and lengthening it. But I'll keep you in mind. Thanks!

  14. Hey bro, got a kind of summary, the book but with no detail basically. U got a discord i can send it to?

  15. That, unfortunately, may spread the playerbase too thin and matchmaking would take forever. Once more people start playing that could be implemented

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