1. TWFM says:

    My grandma almost died having my dad. This was in the early 1900s when women gave birth at home. Someone had sense enough to run for the doctor, who saved her life. She gave my dad the doctor's name as his middle name.

  2. TWFM says:

    That's not a very accurate way of judging. A huge salad could fill you up far more than a medium size burger, but with fewer calories.

  3. TWFM says:

    Run some lukewarm water over the part where the paper is stuck. It will release soon enough.

  4. Cool water would be better, but lukewarm would be fine in small amounts.

  5. TWFM says:

    True, but OP does say they're going to cook the chicken right away, so I figure a slight warming isn't going to hurt anything and will get the pad unstuck faster.

  6. TWFM says:

    Could they be saying caldero?

  7. TWFM says:

    Makes me think of the episode of Northern Exposure when all the regular characters went back in time to the founding of the town by two women, Roslyn and Cicely, who were definitely a romantic couple. (I remember the episode ended with some sort of dramatic moment, but I'm not sure it was a trial.)

  8. You said Ancestry proves that you’re “related by blood”. What do you mean by that? How does Ancestry show the relationship between you and this man?

  9. They just make you take it out of the carrying bag and put it in a separate bin. I usually take it as my personal item

  10. TSA regs say you can take it in addition to your standard personal item.

  11. Sell your gaming equipment.

  12. Begin with actual documentation. Your mom says your grandmother died in 2009? Find a copy of her death certificate or a photo of her grave. Your mom says she was born in 1963? Find a copy of her birth certificate. Your mom says your grandfather lived in Toledo in the 1940s? Find his family in the Toledo census.

  13. First thing you need to do is check your local regulations. Usually when selling "home cooking" you actually can't do the cooking in your home -- unless you have a completely separate stove and prep area that meet all board of health requlrements and that aren't used for family meals.

  14. My only alarm says “Woof woof I need to pee” so I never get to just lie in bed.

  15. I’m maybe even more gobsmacked by the person who donated great-uncle Herold’s birth certificate to the thrift shop in the first place!

  16. honestly man, there are bugs everywhere in the world. And the connection cafe has tons of doors and openings. It could've crawled in from anywhere.

  17. Sorry you're getting downvoted for speaking the truth. This is Texas. The state bug is the roach.

  18. More details would help. Animated or live action? When did you see this movie? What was the time frame of the plot?

  19. Put whatever you’re pouring it into in the sink. Set the pot with the fudge in it on the edge of the sink, and tip it rather than lifting it.

  20. Was it one of the Wayside School books?

  21. If you use your pots for storing food, you can't use them again for cooking anything else until you've finished all the food that's in them. That's kind of inefficient. And plastic wrap usually comes loose and lets the food in the bowl dry out and/or make your refrigerator smell.

  22. If you aren’t morally opposed to giving money to the Disney organization, Andor alone is well worth the cost of a month’s subscription.

  23. Others have said this, but I’ll repeat it for emphasis: ALWAYS READ THE COMMENTS. Readers of NYT recipes seem to, in general, be very good cooks, and their tweaks and advice are well worth paying attention to.

  24. You’re looking at a fake image created for a commercial.

  25. That document requires an Ancestry login. Can you screenshot it?

  26. I put it in my meatballs:

  27. Your fear is justified. Lock it in a varmint-proof metal container.

  28. There's a guy with a kiosk at the Parks Mall who's been good to us. We bought a reconditioned phone from him and had a battery replaced in another phone with no problems.

  29. Why did you have to downvote me? I find this wholesome but I dont find any humor in this image

  30. There's no requirement that a wholesome meme has to be humorous to fit this sub.

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