1. Go look at some clip-ons at the mall and see whether they'll work with your glasses or not.

  2. Store the tube spout side down in the fridge.

  3. Do you live at the the same address?

  4. If that entitled customer wanted quarters, there's only one place I had in mind they should REALLY go for, it's called the laundromat!!!😤

  5. A lot of laundromats just use cards these days.

  6. That's gotta be BS, since every laundromat I've been to in the past couple years did not and only took quarters.

  7. So because you go to laundromats that don't take cards, you think it's bullshit that someone else says they go to laundromats that do?

  8. Husband had hernia surgery recently and his number one recommendation is to, if it’s possible, schedule a few sessions with a physical therapist. They gave him a specialized set of exercises that helped him get his muscle tone back way faster than he would have otherwise.

  9. Do both! Spend half, save/invest half. Make a plan to sell or donate whatever you decide to replace.

  10. Came here to say exactly this. OP, in this case you can do it all!

  11. TWFM says:

    Sounds like a version of the old nursery rhyme “Wynken Blynken and Nod”. Are you sure it was a modern film? There’s a classic short of that rhyme, but it’s from the 1940s.

  12. My grandma and my dad and now me as I age all have the exact same facial lines/wrinkles. The fun thing about that is we used to joke that my grandma resembled Susan B. Anthony:

  13. Try one jar and see if you think it’s worth it to you.

  14. No no we can't justify an extra $2-5 for such a high stakes experiment. You think OP is just rolling in money? Really if they have that kind of extra money they should be investing it

  15. LOL. You sound like all the nice people in the frugal subs.

  16. Barkeepers Friend makes a cleaner specifically for glass cooktops.

  17. Back when I lived in the states for a bit I opened a can of yams and much to my disappointment I found sweet potatoes inside. I was laughing about it and showed it to my roommate, and he seemed confused. That's when I discovered that Americans think sweet potatoes are yams lmao, I had to explain to him that they are in fact two different things and that any time anyone outside the US is talking about yams they're talking about a completely different vegetable.

  18. For the record, many of us in the US don't actually think sweet potatoes are yams, and we get quite annoyed when we go to the grocery store and see the "yams" sign over what is clearly a pile of sweet potatoes.

  19. Why would they not be safe to eat? All you did was thaw them.

  20. If the child was born on, say, March 23, and mom died on March 24 (or any other date within the next few weeks), it’s generally safe to assume her death was related to the birth.

  21. I don't think you posted the right link.

  22. What temp were you frying them at?

  23. Beautiful Sunday? 1972, by Daniel Boone.

  24. Don’t listen, take the loan. I believe it’s deferred until after graduation. 0% rate is almost free money. If you do well in school and get a good internship then job after you graduate it’ll be trivial to pay. Assuming you’re in a STEM field. Otherwise don’t take the loan

  25. Subsidized loans are deferred. Unsubsidized loans are the ones you need to run away from as fast as you can.

  26. Those look delicious! Recipe bookmarked.

  27. Sing or hum or whistle it into Vocaroo and post the link here.

  28. The only CPAP I see for sale on Amazon is a brand name I've never heard of, sold by a company I've never heard of, and I've been using a CPAP and participating in sleep apnea support forums for over 12 years now. My recommendation would be: Don't buy that one.

  29. Has anyone who has had a sleep study done not been diagnosed with a sleep disorder? And then sent directly to a medical supply company to pay 4x what a machine is worth? I think the study itself is poorly designed (or purposely designed) to create customers more or less. Sure, sleep problems are real, but not every person needs (or will use) a CPAP.

  30. The only people who get sent to have a sleep study are those who are showing clear symptoms of sleep apnea. They’re not testing the general public. (It’s the same as the way almost everyone who goes to an allergist gets diagnosed with allergies.) The doctor orders the test to confirm the diagnosis and get precise details to know what type of machine and what settings are best for the patient.

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