1. He didn't start the last game because Argentina were on a 36 game unbeaten run. Why would you change your centrebacks who have played well for you?

  2. They’re maybe 20 people on this earth or 100 families who can buy united. It’s either nation states, corps or investment groups. ALL are bad,

  3. Just to clarify the glazers didn't spend money on players. To my knowledge since the acquisition they have never invested a penny of their own money and in fact have drained the club somewhere in region of 1.5billion in interest payments and dividends not to mention bad structure and transfer policy that has essentially burned around 1billion on transfer spend in that time

  4. I agree I misspoke, I meant to say that the glazers could’ve been even more frugal. But the glazers in retrospect aren’t that wealthy but they’ve damaged the club severely I’m hoping the new ownership sticks with ETH as I feel he’s the only manager who can put manage Pep and Klopp for an entire season.

  5. Pereira is a United man through and through. I think EtH would have got something out of him. He could have been the Lucas Vasquez, Nacho kind of player for us. Not the best in business but absolute workhorse when on field.

  6. Had so much potential, shame he never realized it. Glad he’s flourishing elsewhere

  7. Keep in mind that 0.4% MoM corresponds to 4.9% YoY if you assume the same level of price increases over a whole year.

  8. Still high but it’s much better, I’m assuming the FED will abandon .75 rate increase and do 3 more .5 rate increases. Assuming global oil prices don’t increase next summer.

  9. nearly all the votes are in blue counties, it'll be close. I give it 40% chance he pulls it off.

  10. He needs about 40-50,000 more votes. The remaining counties are all blue which I think he can pull. They're about 200,000 votes left I believe

  11. Dan Moore needs more time, he is in his second season, who plays against some crazy edge rushers in this division.

  12. We are not likely to be picking high enough to get Will Anderson, and he is the only player in this draft who could be called a generational talent. Especially now with the Colts launching a tank with General Saturday.

  13. Colts need a QB to build their franchise and a wide receiving core. They have a great d line I doubt they would miss their chance on this years strong QB class.

  14. That and our weak attack. We’re an average attacking team in the league in terms of output. We’re lacking key components in the attacking lineup and players like Sancho have not delivered as yet

  15. We are creating chances, just need to finish. I think if we get a proper healthy striker will be a top 3 attacking team. At least if Shaw stays in form.

  16. Plus a ball-carrying mid would help as well. Nunes who went to Wolves would have been good but of course not in budget. At least he would have been far more open to moving here as opposed to FDJ.

  17. Honestly after hearing what the board said about not spending heavy this winter I doubt we bring more than one high profile player in our club, and I think a striker is a more urgent need even though I agree with you.

  18. Steelers fans despising this guy is really annoying. He isn’t a god or even great really but cmon, he had such a shitty group of QB’s throwing to him. Give him a break.

  19. No one despised him, Steelers fandom is just 90% old people so they hate anything a young WR might say/do.

  20. It’s less budget mode and more they’re no longer overspending. NA can mimic their worlds experience and save millions so why wouldn’t they. They’ve tried to dish out 20+ million dollar teams to not make it past quarters so I don’t expect those types of teams to exist anymore.

  21. EU had a great week 1 I think they just collapsed week 2 unfortunately. Rogue was a great team just met an unbelievable team, it’s very hard to compete against a market with over 200+ million players.

  22. If let’s say the US were to say use the nuclear option and sell the White House as is what would it cost? I mean it has a nuclear bunker and several paintings that themselves are worth millions. Let’s not forget thousands of gifts the government has received through hundreds of years. I think at least 10 B as a property.

  23. At the actual market rate maybe 60 but the United tax means 120

  24. Parking requirements are probably the dumbest conception to ever catch on. I really feel like that and SFZ really set cities back decades.

  25. And here I was more hopeful of the younger generation.

  26. You’re right, we should just kill the climate and destroy the world economy like y’all huh.

  27. India was on track to blow right past us too (as they should, they've got 34 times our population). Then the pandemic hit and things went south.

  28. It’s mostly the rupee just taking a big hit, but it’ll readjust in a couple years. India will probably hold the number 3 spot after 2025 for the next half century.

  29. Idk why I was downvoted I didn’t know the EU tax rates till today lol. I’m just used to the 30-35% in the states.

  30. You get downvoted because your surprise makes it sound like you are against high taxes for higher incomes. :') It pays for our roads and social expenses. Europe is far more social-democratic than the whole 'rightist populist' rise seems to indicate (they too support social-democratic expenses).

  31. I’m pretty liberal honestly. But that still surprised me, go europe honestly. No wonder your safety nets are amazing.

  32. How does this make sense as a response to my comment? Have either of you had a conversation with another person before?

  33. Top Gun, Minions 2, Jurassic World 3, The Batman, and Sonic the Hedgehog were all non-Marvel films that made much more their opening weekends. And every one of them had a lower budget than Black Adam...

  34. All of those are sequels with established budgets. The DC universe and the rock have very little to go off. The movie will probably finish with 600-700 million assuming it’s received well internationally. That’s not bad, movie wise I don’t know if it’s good or not.

  35. For the first few million years yea, but after we could make a killing off of tourism.

  36. I usually try to be more mellow, but it certainly is starting to feel like a Taiwan conflict is happening in the short-term (within ten years).

  37. Taiwan is desperately trying to go around US chip sanctions only for China to invade them. I don’t understand the Taiwanese government…

  38. Ten more Ten Hag signings and we’re on our way

  39. That would cost another half billion, hope it’s on your dime.

  40. special shout out to Timber for choosing to stay at Ajax, and Rabiot's mum for being hard-headed in negotiations. They gave us the chance to get Casmiro and Licha

  41. I really think if we bring a forward and CM this winter we will have top 3 secured.

  42. Chelsea and Liverpool are the biggest threats to City's title. Dont write them off, especially Liverpool

  43. Liverpool need almost 20 points just to catch second place, is it possible yea but they would need a near 75% win percentage to do so if arsenal and city keep up their form.

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