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  1. He's supposed to be a direct comparison to the god from the old testament with the flood, so I feel like religion would fit him. Also he has a cult of followers. He might not be Christian, Jewish, or whatever, but religious almost certainly.

  2. The no CD release might be because comedy central had the rights to release Bo's CDs and Netflix didn't want to share/outright lose all the profits of their content in physical form

  3. I feel like this pole is biased if not only because the results is in third place

  4. What u mean? Result option is in last place like every other pole

  5. The romance movie? Watched it but only half paid attention is it good? How's it about acceptance? Minor spoilers only please

  6. That it's big because of being an early Sci Fi thing and not because the material is good. Once in a blue moon something is really good, so people come back. This is why every star wars fan hates star wars.

  7. Okay. I may be asexual, but when it said “make room for Jesus” I thought about some very not biblical stuff

  8. As nonsense, sometimes I need to have fun for no reason so I'll see a Hyundai and say it funny

  9. She's famous as long as she has hits, but after that I'm sure she has enough of a dedicated fanbase that she'll be fine.

  10. Mr freeze should just be the riddler but he clubs people over the head with big icicles

  11. Kinda disappointing imo i liked the Batman, but we've had enough "realistic" Batman. Personally, this makes me less excited for Batman 2 and more excited for James Gunns DC movies that guy absolutely gets it, polka dot man, bat mite, starro, he gets it.

  12. We have to wait until he drops his next album to be sure. Although the fact that the single he dropped together with Ant Clemons back in 2020 barely made it onto the Hot 100 is not a promising sign.

  13. He hates normal humans "I'm not like one of you" he just says racist shit to get under people's skins like a Fortnite kid

  14. I love that Harvey Danger song as well, but given the choice I'll always take 80s cheesy schmalz over 90s weaponized irony.

  15. Nope. It is the Harvey Danger song. I suck at coming up with nicknames, so I usually just pick whatever is at the top of my head at the time. And when I created this account, Flagpole Sitta was playing in the background. So I picked that.

  16. I saw a video on TikTok where someone was comparing being non binary to being a pc gamer because the both allow for a lot of freedom

  17. Personally think they coulda played Catwoman more sultry. Feels like they wanted her to be flirty with Bruce, but I don't think it really came off that way because both characters were serious/intense as hell. And yet they still ended up romantic, which as a result felt somewhat forced.

  18. I agree. I think it's cause Matt Reeves is such a big fan of it as a ship.

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