1. My account continues to say guest pass even though I didn't get any emails about it. I wasn't able to get in yesterday but I got in today.

  2. I grew sprouts last year in 5b. I harvested them maybe in early novenber. They were mostly kind of small but there were many and they tasted great. I found that commercially they remove the tops of the plant going into the fall I think. The top 5 nodes or so where the growth occurs, to get the side sprouts to form. I'm not sure if you have enough time left to get sprouts or not and I would think normally they should already be there. They are supposed to be quite resilient to frost so you could let em go. I have kale still growing in toronto and we've had nights down to -6c. I know in wales or w/e they grow them through february. I didnt really feed mine.

  3. That's really interesting about cutting off the tops. I'll research that and see if that might help.

  4. I was comparing the kale to sprouts as they are both brassica so maybe the sprouts are as resistant. It was my first time growing them and they were sort of neglected so I cant give you any better advise on what they may do.

  5. No worries. I appreciate the info. Brussels are pretty frost tolerant from what I've read, so I figured all hope might not be lost.

  6. It looks like the same stuff every day (and leftover from Cyber Monday) with some daily deals sprinkled in. There is a daily deals filter, but I wish there was a new arrivals filter so you could see if there were any additional new items. I scrolled a bit, saw the same junk, and gave up. (And maybe there isn't that filter because there are no new items outside the daily deals. )

  7. Does anyone know if the same stuff will be offered most days? I’m considering getting a couple of items, but not enough to get free shipping at this point. I would just buy them if they won’t be available for the next 11 days, but if there’s a chance I could get them + something else I might like for free shipping I would do that!

  8. I don't have an answer but I do notice a lot of the stuff that was just in the Cyber Monday sale so I have a sneaking suspicion we will see repeats.

  9. I ended up dumping the cart for similar reasons. If I keep thinking, I don't really need this and I don't want to deal with the potential headaches, then the truth is I don't really need this.

  10. Good rule of thumb when buying anything is if you can walk away, do - especially if the purchase is in any way going to cause you stress.

  11. Good points given I am already feeling a bit of stress...

  12. My guest pass email says for cyber Monday. I have access to the shop, and I'm assuming I will have access to the sale starting Monday. How long that pass lasts after that I'll be curious to see, particularly because I'm not interested in signing up for text alerts like they want.

  13. Ahh. I think that's the shop, which is open all the time, though I dont know if it was open to people who stopped subscribing before now. I'll be curious to see on Monday if there is access to the cyber Monday Sale without a special link or text sign up (because I really don't want more marketing texts).

  14. The email said guest pass activated, but I couldn't get in. Maybe it doesn't work until Monday? I have no interest in text alerts and will not sign up if that is necessary, but I too was excited to shop the sales.

  15. I logged into my account, and it shows access to the store. I don't want text alerts, either, so I think you're right that the pass is activated and when the sale starts Monday there will be a shopping opportunity. Still undecided if I want to jump into this (sometimes) messiness again.

  16. I honestly would not get the humidifier from this box. If your doctor is recommending you get one, get a good one. I use a humidifier in the winter because I get so damn dry I get nose bleeds. I promise, you won’t be disappointed in investing in a good one.The electronics they choose have so many issues. I saw countless complaints about the air purifier. Hell, the little bluetooth speaker I got a while back never worked either.

  17. I use humidifiers all winter and totally agree with this. This is so small you'll be constantly having to refill it which will likely annoy you and cause you not to use it. Get something larger from a reputable brand that you can return if it doesn't work.

  18. My package moved to a similar status two days ago. It was supposed to be delivered today but given the "moving through the system" status, I'm thinking it hasn't left Georgia. It's not been that long for me, but the comments I'm seeing about this on reddit make me think it's gonna be awhile. Hope everyone gets their packages!

  19. Yep. Stayed in that status for four days then magically appeared at my local distribution center and was delivered the day after. Still don't understand what happened but glad it arrived.

  20. Same here. I canceled instead of renewing with the fall box. None of the options interested me and the constant stock issues made the experience not very fun.

  21. I would. Either treat the new kale with neem regularly and keep the other plants as a decoy or cover as already stated.

  22. Those look like white flies or something. Not PM.

  23. I agree. I think that's white fly because it looks very similar to what I'm dealing with right now on my kale.

  24. CS just told me it’s the new formulation

  25. I have a set of the LP shampoo and conditioner from a haircare bundle in an earlier sale. I haven't used it yet (or ever before) so now I'm curious as to whether or not that's also the new formula. I wonder when it changed.

  26. I have the heat retainer socks and love them. Super soft and cozy inside.

  27. I’m up for annual renewal, so I really wanted to be wow-ed or at a minimum find useful things. So far, the SINGLE thing I’d want is the gold earrings. So my instinct this second is to not renew and hope winter re-inspires me. Anyone else up for renewal and what’s your thought process?

  28. Yep. Up for renewal and not excited about anything in the box. Plus, with the recent stock issues, items disappearing from carts, erroneous emails, and now the "don't get your hopes up that these will actually be available for your box" fiasco, I'm tapping out once my order from the earnings sale arrives. I'm only keeping my membership open until then in case something goes awry with that order.

  29. Do the other boxes not work like this? I’ve only ever used FFF. I can’t figure out exactly how it works on their backend. Like either why do they keep running out of items, or how do other similar company’s not have this happen? Argh.

  30. I have a few other subscriptions but none like FFF. (Books, crafts, food/home items from small businesses in a particular region). They are not nearly as large of operations and the boxes are set (no customization) so it's hard to compare. They have, for the most part, been shipping without issue. One box was delayed for two weeks awaiting an item from a small business that was unused to such a large order at once, but they were upfront about it. I would love to hear from others about boxes more comparable to FFF. Maybe like Ipsy?

  31. So it’s not that it actually takes two weeks to ship from lasership. It takes that time to get to lasership. Lasership provides the end stage delivery only. They do not receive the product from FFF and only operate on the east coast. My tracking always picks up in NJ like 2 weeks after tracking is provided, then I get it within a few days.

  32. Same here. Lasership only indicates receiving the package once it reaches NJ. I usually receive it a day or two later.

  33. The catchall tray - I found quite a few people said they didn’t like it, it was cheap etc, but I find it’s great for what I need it for (storing hair stuff) so I’m a fan.

  34. Agree on the tray. It is very cheap, but it works great on my desk for small items and displaying random knickknacks that office mates have gifted me over the years. As long as you know that it's just cheapy plastic, I think the price is okay.

  35. Yes, definitely. I logged in at lunch and saw a bundle that had a cute bocce set in it, but I don't need another towel and already have the cooler. Searched for just the bocce set. No luck. Later that night, scrolling around to kill time and saw things I didn't remember before, including the bocce set which definitely wasn't there earlier.

  36. They were occasionally posted here before FFF complained at they were taken down.

  37. Do you remember some of the items?

  38. Not enough to be helpful, unfortunately. I only really remember being tremendously underwhelmed and thinking I wouldn't renew if the surveys were true. There's another post on here talking about the private community where you can still find the surveys. You may want to check that out. I know the surveys aren't guaranteed to be reflective of what's in the box in the end, but there usually is some pretty good overlap between anticipated items and actuality. I will wait and see the official spoilers before deciding to cancel, but unless the reality is wildly different, I think this is it for me.

  39. It very much depends on what you’re interested, I look at some peoples’ carts and love them and others I think “wow, I literally would not pay for any of that.” No shade! Just not my thing. If you have a few go to’s you tend to like, maybe that will help us narrow down?

  40. There were a lot of kitchen options! I thought the manual can opener was particularly odd. That's not really a fun, fancy, treat yourself kind of options that you're excited about getting from a subscription box. That's more of a "hey, can you grab this while you're at the dollar store?" Kinda things.

  41. I'm passing on the sale, which is unusual for me, but nothing caught my eye.

  42. Mine came today, too. I was really shocked! I just got the email with the Lasership tracking on Monday, and it's usually at least a week before Lasership even claims to have received the package.

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