1. I really don’t know why this sub expected this movie to be a flop.

  2. You can do it even better let's say that it does open at 45M has 4x legs that the trades are wrong and it opens at 50M OS has 3x legs then goes and does 25M in France (same as Dune) 25M in Brazil (same as thor 4)11M in Italy (same as thor 4) 10M in Japan (thor 4) that would just bring the worldwide total to 401M and the total profit to 28M. Compare this to uncharted or sonic 50M+ profit. This at best will be a minor success and almost everything has to go right for it to be that

  3. Exactly. This is almost certainly not going to break even, aka a flop.

  4. As someone who unfortunately watches every single hawks game. Hard disagree.

  5. Luka/Dejounte/Hunter/Collins/Capela is better than the Mavs team that went to the WCF last season. 100%

  6. The Mavs are 13th all time in winning %. They're really not "so bad all the time"

  7. This movie is DOA. The projection of $65m OW is so low for a budget that big. Even with insane 4x legs, that just $260m with a break even point of likely $350m-$375m. It's OW could be double what it's being projected at and it still would likely lose money.

  8. Reddit is the most socially disconnected social media platform. Most regular people aren't on here, nevermind NBA players.

  9. Reddit has roughly the same amount of active users as Twitter lol idk why people think this place is some niche website. Pretty sure it ranks in the top 10 in website traffic in the US too

  10. I’m super high on him relative to where he is. Don’t know if I’d call him a great defender yet but obviously a lot of potential on that end

  11. I think he's pretty elite off ball. His on ball D is up and down but I think that's an effort thing.

  12. This was my concern. Her being naked doesn't bother me, and I wouldn't care if a woman walked around my city like that. However, this is so dangerous, because there are awful men who would assume that this is some sexual thing, and any number of sexual or physical assaults could happen. Then toss in religious prudes who would attack her for just being nude.

  13. The league would go back to being dominated by 7'2" centers like Kareem and no one would be watching it, like no one watched it in the 70s.

  14. The 90s had better ratings than today despite being dominated by big men + Jordan.

  15. So this is a guaranteed flop with those numbers right? Even with an incredible 4x legs that's just $260m with a breakeven point of $375m

  16. People are allowed to be upset. The way they act when they’re upset is what’s pathetic

  17. 0 power because her technique is in fact not that good lol

  18. You have no idea what you're talking about lol, her form was good on those kicks. Just no power behind them at all. She wasn't following through on them. Likely doesn't train full contact.

  19. Im not a huge fan of cops, but you gotta be a real piece of human trash to be cheering on while watching people die.

  20. Let's not skirt around this being a loser mentality conversation. Any fan who uses the "ya know maybe 2nd place is better for us because its a better matchup" line doesn't really think this team has a chance and that's what this is.

  21. Even if we get the 1 seed we could still play either Cleveland or Philly. The 3 and 4 are only 1.5 games apart. The entire standings is a toss up at this point

  22. Sure there are other solutions to try first. But, someone with a gun who wants to kill kids is usually not very accepting of those solutions.

  23. Ask yourself, why do France/Germany/Japan/UK etc etc not have the school shooting problem while also not having armed teachers? What is the one major difference between us and them?

  24. Agreed. Maybe if we stop making killers famous.

  25. Yes, if we just ignore the problem it'll go away on it's own. That's the solution!

  26. Yeah Celtics have your guys number for some reason, it’s baffling cause on paper it doesn’t seem that mismatched

  27. It's pretty mismatched on paper actually.

  28. CNN just reported that the shooter was a previous student at the school.

  29. That is wild. She's 28, and the school caps off at 6th grade, so it's been what like 15 years since she's went there at least. Usually the former-student-turned-shooter thing is someone who JUST left the school a year or two prior.

  30. It tells me more of the selfishness of these individuals more than anything about the organization

  31. Some of you can never admit when the team is in the wrong. It's always someone else's fault

  32. They just have to slurp whatever the team puts out. Any rational person can see the Ravens screwed this up

  33. It's honestly embarrassing. They think being delusional and sipping the kool aid means they're "true Ravens fans"

  34. And the raptors are going to regret not taking 3 firsts . Protections or not that’s crazy not to take it for OG

  35. From what i've read, the picks offered were from the Pacers and were this years Cavs and Celtics picks (currently #29 and #26) and their own future protected first.

  36. I feel like filler shouldn't count for this, but even then Bleach has some great ones. The latter two filler arcs are actually super solid and the beach episode was definitely a standout in the loose ones.

  37. The arc with the zanpakuto coming to life was honestly as good as any of the canon arcs

  38. He's so old he played on the Seattle Sonics

  39. Summer 2023 is stacked! This is like winter 2021 all over again

  40. It's weird because Summer is usually the weakest of the seasons but this year it might be the strongest. JJK 2, Mushoku 2, Bleach part 2, Rurouni Kenshin remake sheesh

  41. Damn this is bombing really hard. This will end up not even breaking even at this point, no?

  42. It's not even gonna make it to halfway to breaking it even. It probably needs 250 million to 300 million to break even and this might not even get to 125 milion

  43. Why is this kid talking/acting like a racist caricature of a black person?

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