1. Imposter syndrome seems to be common in federal work. I for one come in some days and really feel like I have no clue what I'm doing....

  2. So true about Imposter Syndrome. I didn't really feel like I had a grasp until 5 or 6 years in (1102) and then threw a wrench in that by becoming a Team Lead in a new area and feeling lost all over again.

  3. Just my immediate thoughts… is that the parks are never really “not crowded,” so if you felt like maybe you didn’t get to do everything you wanted in 7 nights at Disney this time, you may not want to cut it to 5 for next time. We have done 5 days before and honestly I felt rushed. Especially if you want resort time, which is kind of the best part of staying at AKL.

  4. I should've added that we were with a big group when we went, so that hindered us A LOT. This time would just be myself and my husband, my mom, step dad and brother. We should be able to move around a bit better but I did think about going to 6 nights potentially! You're so right, resort time is a must and I need to factor that in.

  5. I stayed at AKL in December of 2019 and had no issues with the buses. The fact that people say “it’s so far out of the way” is blown out of proportion. Stay at AKL and enjoy it. The buses will be fine.

  6. Thank goodness. I was determined to stay there and got worried by some of those comments lol

  7. What in the world is that paint color on your walls? It's so perfect.

  8. It’s Tough to be a Bug. I’ve got enough natural anxiety, thanks.

  9. Their self esteem is so low it wraps back around to being selfish. Any problem I have? Their fault, and I have to console them. I'm having trouble finishing my half of the allotted chores now that I'm back in the office? Their fault, and I have to console them. I had a bad day at work? Their fault, and I have to console them. On and on and on.

  10. I never heard this phenomenon put into words like this. I'm so sorry you're going through this, I am too. It's impossible to not feel unheard and alone when that happens.

  11. My husband really does try sometimes but most of the time he really relies on me to handle a lot of things. It gets exhausting but at the same time, he half asses a lot so it's just going to be stressful for me regardless. I don't know if he truly understands how much it takes to keep our life and house running because I look like I have it together. Really that's just anxiety fueled and an intense fear of failure on my part. Sometimes I do shut down from all the pressure.

  12. I was 9 when I went as a kid (just got back this week from my first trip as an adult) and my most vivid memory is the moving statue person at, I believe, Epcot! My mom must've known she was real and I did not so she had us pose for a picture and she tapped my shoulder. I saw she was real and ran lol

  13. They do that at universal studios you can refill all over the park.

  14. We just got back from doing both Disney and Universal (Universal was first) and I was incredibly frustrated by the difference. We had stainless steel Brita water bottles and had no issue staying hydrated until we got to Disney.

  15. It's been three days now of going back and forth between taking every single emotion or reaction I have as a personal attack and then playing the victim for the things he just did and said, like it was someone else. And the cherry on top is the completely ass backwards overcompensating gestures mixed in that actually are pure chaos to me.

  16. I really love this. I'm new to all of this and I've just been doing monthly and daily logs but seeing my entire week in one go would be so helpful. So do you do a monthly set up still or just this and the occasional rapid log?

  17. Coming to the realization that my anxiety has taken over my life. I think at this point I'm just pretending to make progress so no one notices. I don't know what silence feels like any more. I'm never not tired. At this point, it feels like I'm just pretending to be human. I make it look like I have it all together but in reality I'm lost and alone.

  18. 19 for me. Started in the old SCEP program right after my freshman year in college.

  19. You'll be more than fine, you're very well prepared. I'll only suggest 2 things:

  20. The transportation is something I've been struggling to get concrete information on. Especially since I have some resort reservations. We won't have a car, I believe. Well, I have a reservation with Costco Travel BUT neither my husband and I really want to drive at all. Plus it's incredibly expensive. Is there a decent resource for different ways to move around the parks/resorts and an estimated time it takes? I'm having such a hard time finding it. I essentially left 90 minutes to 2 hours for the resort reservations we have to include eating and travel and 60 for in park dining. No idea if that is realistic, though.

  21. When planning, I usually refer to this interactive map:

  22. Thank you so much for this, this is the exact site I was looking for. I had used this back in 2020 when we were about to go and never found it again! Would you recommend a rental car instead of relying on Disney transportation or Uber/Lyft? Since we're renting points, we don't have to pay for parking. The cheapest reservation I have was around $450 for 8 days. If we didn't do a car, we would be using Uber/Lyft for those tough ones like trying to go Resort to Resort.

  23. Does anyone know if you can check the status of your order in any way? Or do you just have to wait for the shipping email?

  24. Looking to order this weekend and hoping for a referral code!

  25. Finishing our basement! We built our house a bit ago but realized working from home took away relaxation or decompression space to separate from work. This will be our nerd cave.

  26. Oh I had no clue! So they do guest tours and all that?

  27. Yes! I went in 2019 and it was phenomenal. It was really cool remembering seeing some of the places they were sitting at during the interviews.

  28. I'm sure I saw someone mention having a similar issue a few days ago :<

  29. Yup, a couple of us realized we got the exact same message word for word.

  30. Was it from a lady who was diagnosed with some disorder and has two autistic kids? She mentioned that she signed up for SS but likely not receiving a package. Yeah definitely scam.

  31. You may want to consider using henna, which is good for your hair and will give you reddish highlights without dye.

  32. I've been using henna exclusively for years, it's the best!

  33. Were you able to import all of your old budget from nYNAB or did you have to start fresh today? I've been reading our YNAB4 and Actual both for the last few hours and I can't get imports to work properly. For Actual, it's not recognizing inflows and outflows. It's all coming in as payments. Maybe I'm missing some editing needed on the file in using?

  34. You need one column for the amount, so if it’s a payment it needs to show as negative in the amounts column, while Deposits will show as positive. If you are using excel, you can do this easily by making a new column with the formula =In-Out. Also, make sure the negative numbers have the negative sign, and not in (parentheses).

  35. Ah, thank you! I had tried the single column but the negatives were in parentheses.

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