1. goddamn 4 almost looks real except for their hands, nice pics dude

  2. Imagine if RoN looked like this, would you love it? Or hate it?

  3. tbh probably hate cause its so bland and realistic looking, i love RoN's lighting lolol

  4. i think itd still be a cool filter setting for people to try if RoN ever gets pushed to Unreal Engine 5 :D

  5. The only option that worked was to go to a different machine. Clearing temp files and cookies did not help.

  6. ty, I had this issue on a different device where nothing worked either, then today on a different device but it got fixed when clearing all cookies for Computershare, its weird lol

  7. no clue who made this NAFO design but they did good lol

  8. i'm hella behind on ukraine war news and just checked here cause of the kremilin gender reveal explosion can i see Suspiciously-Fat Dog and Silly Beaver pls

  9. ye sorry about that, she wanted old music vids down until she redos them, but when she does i can post them here again :D

  10. no channel for it yet but i can post here when its made lolol

  11. sadly doesnt work anymore, anyone have an alternative?

  12. damn, sadly i don't cause I haven't played RoN in a while, but i looked up zombie mods on nexus and these two should still work, but might behave different from the ones in my vids

  13. I've tried to use those ones, for some reason the mod author made the zombies run at light speed. sad!

  14. if you try the other one lmk if its any good please lol

  15. lolol luckily naw, this is a Level of Detail thing where tiny details only show up when you get close, but man his schnoz has all the graphics

  16. Probably how high the devs were when creating the hostage rescue portion of that map.

  17. i haven't caught up to anything RoN related, last dev update i read was the mailing station one, are you doing a bit lmao

  18. i was waiting for someone to make a version for RoN lmaoo its perfect dude

  19. a big trend on tiktoks, facebook and instagram reels, and youtube shorts is to have

  20. finally something funny in this sub

  21. Is it possible to have it cycle through songs at all?

  22. I only modded RoN's audio right after the NDA ended, but with no coding knowledge you could use FMOD to change the audio of a file that's in the game, you couldn't add more files though

  23. Also extremely reckless to go popping off rounds into the air

  24. How did they move up and down the vertical passages? I don't see any ladders.

  25. it might be bugged but that looks cool as hell lolol

  26. i did it, i just downloaded a mod and then i changed the mod lol, it was much easier

  27. hi, so i was trying to change the music in the neop club in the

  28. other than listening to all the new .banks to find the club song, i dont really know

  29. this is so well done dude, ty for posting the link :D

  30. weird, its on your profile but not in this sub so i dont know, you're not even a new account

  31. Can you tag the admin? I don't know anyone in this subreddit

  32. i can't but there should be an option called Message the Mods that you can link your post to

  33. did you use a mod for the audio btw? hella cool clip lolol

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