Delusional about one's looks

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  • By - lnys

  1. Literally no? I'm from a Latino family, my skin tone, since it matters to you so much, is not white. You need to stop

  2. You're a man being very dismissive of women's experiences here. This is a women's only sub, no male comments/posts allowed

  3. This is what I call being the practice girl. You talk with a guy a lot, joke around, even have talks that last late into the night, things get flirty. But as soon as you show feelings for them, they dip. They don't care about your feelings, they don't want you, they just want the attention and use you to stroke their egos enough so that they have the skills and confidence to go after the women they actually like

  4. If it's the first time you've tried something like this, there's always a risk of having too much. Hell, even when you've had edibles before you can accidentally take too much. At least now you know the amount you took, and can try and take a much smaller piece. I'm so sorry you went through that. Tbh, I've been through something similar. The anxiety being unbearable, being over sensitive to everything, thinking you're dying, all of it. It happened in front of my cousins and sisters and they knew I had some. And I was told by my stepmom that I needed to handle myself better after she got everyone to leave the room lol. Well jeez, why didn't I think of that instead of panicking!

  5. You do this because you have a big heart full of love you want to, at long last, share with someone. Be kind to yourself--it hasn't been easy.

  6. Damn man, why you gotta attack my feels like that

  7. We really need to have a more firmer definition of what FA is because with topics like this, I get the feeling some 20 year old going through a dry spell after their last GF left them thinks they are FOREVER ALONE.

  8. Dude, you need to chill with the gatekeeping. I swear I see comments like this of yours in every other thread. While some may have merit (like that post with the dude who has 3 exes), posts like OPs are harmless. It seems to you at this point that merely speaking with a woman makes someone a fake FA. Just because someone chats with, has a random match that goes nowhere, or even have some form of standards on who'd they date, doesn't mean they aren't FA. I will direct you to Rule 2. Please stop these comments

  9. Honestly, I don't know anymore. FA men are also FA for a reason, and I'm not talking about looks. Some are so deep in insecurities or have other personality flaws that could make it tough. I know I'm not 100% as a person, so I'm not expecting that from a partner either. I will be there for my partner if they need someone to talk to. But I can't deal with it all the time anymore. There has to be moments where it isn't all doom and gloom. I also run into the issue that I would be the one they are settling for, given that I'm not able bodied. What happens when they get the experience they want? What happens when they get that confidence and realize there are better women out there for them? What happens when they realize they don't only want to have slept with one person? I've already experienced stuff like this and it hurts. I don't always wanted to end up being the practice girl. And let's be real, FA men have standards too. They can say all they want that they'd love for a girl to make the first move, but when I do it, it's all "you're nice, but..." At this point in my life, I don't think I could date an FA man. Will I turn down a potential partner for being a virgin? No. But if that whole FA mindset is very prevalent, I don't think it will work out.

  10. No male users are allowed to comment/post

  11. Nobody is interested in you except the guys who swiped you and tried to make conversation. But those don't count because reasons.

  12. Did you not read my post? I replied to the men who said hello, and said hello back. They did not continue the conversation. They didn't want to further communicate with me.

  13. lnys says:

    When you put that line in the Google Incel-translator this guy seems to be using to process information, it comes out as "I only replied to the top models and since I'm not a 10, they didn't continue the conversation."

  14. Lmao, good lord. Despite the fact that looks don't matter to me, but yeah sure, I totalllllyyyy only want them chads

  15. Dude, seriously no. Stop this. Do NOT send her this. We've already established she doesn't want to be around you for your creepy actions. Doing this is a major overstep and into more creep stalkerish territory. Leave. Her. Alone.

  16. Guys, don't brigade a week old thread. It's super obvious and against Reddit rules

  17. Yes I fully admit I should have never given a box of chocolates to anyone, that was an honest mistake. I stopped after that. Lesson learned. After that I never pursued her again. I didn't even get the chance to ask her out before this ordeal happened. I learned my lesson. I was about to ask her out yesterday. I'm done, and I'm separating myself from these people for my own protection.

  18. Well she told me she loved the box of chocolates and thought it was adorable, and continued to joke for the rest of the class. My mistake was not asking her out there. It got so creepy because imagine someone just keeps buying you gifts, but doesn't even ask you on a date first. That's stalkerish right there, and it confused her incredibly. Like why is this guy doing nice things for me when we haven't even been on a date? No she was definitely very close to me or else I wouldn't have felt comfortable asking her on a date. We still texted each other every day after that. In my head she hated my guts so I was too afraid to ask her, when in reality she probably would have said yes.

  19. Okay, so two things then. You do understand your fuck up and this restraining order isn't for no reason at all and it isn't out of the blue. You know what you did wrong.

  20. Ah yes, I would love to meet more true RadFems IRL too.

  21. I relate to this SO MUCH. I can't remember what discord I was talking in, but I was going on about my loneliness and being disabled, and someone brought up the whole devotee fetish. I said I didn't want to be with someone like that because of stuff I read (like them putting things on high shelves so I would ask for help). I was told that I was being too picky??? And that they would love me too??? Dude no, I don't want to be some guys weird fetish. I want to be liked for me, as a person, not because I happen to have a wheelchair. I then got told that beggars can't be choosers, and me wanting that was unrealistic... How dare I want love and not be weirdly sexualized and have to deal with creepiness. I'd rather be alone than be in that kind of relationship.

  22. All I can tell you is there is a man out there for you. Way back I was invited to a small party and I met this girl. She wasn't in a wheelchair (but the person who invited me was), but she (forgive my ignorance I don't know the proper terms, her lower body was severely atrophied, never discussed the condition) walked on arm-stilts (?). Well, this lady took my breath away. She was so pretty and confident in her way that I spent most of the party trying to get to know her better. I actually went to sleep thinking about a life with her, the ups, downs, everything. I thought she was amazing. I met her again in a different environment and she came off as a complete bitch. My vision was shattered. I guess I'm just saying that men exist than can see YOU. They may not be everywhere, but they do exist. I am one. The woman I ended up marrying has neurofibromatosis. I love her.

  23. If you are going on dates, this is way too advanced for Forever Alone.

  24. I'm not going on dates. This is just me speculating how things would go from seeing how my friends talk about it, how people here talk about it, and my handful of conversations with men online.

  25. I don't know, if anything I'm just perpetually in the friendzone. I get a crush on a guy that I talk to often and have fun talking to, I express feelings, and then it's all "Oh you're cool and all but..."

  26. They think it's a compliment for some random weird dude to want you, but the thing is, they don't want you, they don't want to be seen with you or be with you, the only thing they want is what's between our legs. That's not a compliment, it's cheap, it makes one feel like nothing but a sack of useless trash. Men complain about not wanting to get a hooker because it's "not the same", that they want someone do desire them and be in a relationship, then point fingers at women who don't want to sleep with the random weirdo because "it's free, you don't pay for anything, he wants you". Again, he doesn't want us, and we do pay for it, not with money, but with our self esteem. It's meaningless sex, it's all the same whether you payed for it, or went with the weird random. Unfortunately, it's near impossible for these men to see this view of ours, because, well, they're men, stuck in their ways of wanting any sex they can get. The bottom line is we all want someone who wants us for us, who wants to be with us for the person we are, to be in a relationship.

  27. Idk if I'd say love, but I definitely develop crushes quick if I find it easy to talk to a guy, even though they're just being nice or friendly. I have to constantly remind myself not to get so ahead of myself

  28. This is what really gets to me sometimes, and it's frustrating to have to "defend" your loneliness to such men. I remember having an incel message me saying he wished he were like me, a disabled woman (literally, he literally said he was at least a disabled woman) because then he'd have guys to have relationships with or sex with, meanwhile I'm here, actually living as a disabled woman and I'm just.... WHAT GUYS?? Oh wow, look at the vast emptiness of inbox!

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