1. I've written a Tool for easy switching between them & custom ones you can add:

  2. BTW, you might want to know that your app is being flagged by Windows Smartscreen.

  3. Hey, yeh thats the old hassle, i think if i buy a license or something it would work as well. But also some engines on virustotal false flag it as malware :/ I made false positive reports to each of them, but the ones which are still here never replied & don't even have a proper department you could contact. For one i found a mail over a blogpost, but this was for some business product from that company and they said they forwarded it. Never heard back ^^ But wow, even smartscreen now? Thats pretty new to me, i hope my other apps do not have that issue, because that sucks. Daily Dev Pain >.<

  4. Checkout my Walk Speed Control Mod. Allows you to adjust character & horse speed with your mouse-/scroll-wheel

  5. Same as YT Trends, what did you expect?

  6. Tell the strippers that you're Rodeoslime and that you have that name for a reason ^^

  7. 10 years later and he still has no avatar

  8. I never thought to make one, you've motivated me to do that now!

  9. I've got the same problem. So, basically i can't do anything?

  10. you can buy a keyboard which is not from fckn fnatic chinese rebrand crap ^^

  11. Any news on that, now where UE5 is not in preview anymore?

  12. damn why are vive controllers so cancer? Why they won't add buttons and another smaller trackpad. And replace that big shitty one by a damn joystick

  13. thanks. I just found on wikipedia xD

  14. write your own? Why do people expect an API for everything? Isn't

  15. They're not sold out, they ran out of stock from replacing all the broken ones through RMAs :')

  16. The first rule of poisoning your leader and naming a successor is…don’t tell anyone that your are poisoning your leader and naming a successor

  17. yeh and people still blindly upvote every crap here ^^ Their support for ukraine it seems. Really sad world...

  18. By the look of them they are a better trained, better equipped, and more disciplined unit than the vast majority or Russian units…yet they all crammed into a single elevator.

  19. nah just fresh fertilizer. All the ones who are in war since beginning already starved or died from food poisoning by expired russian rations xD

  20. tnih says:

    Does anyone remember ADs "super secret inside source?" This was David, who claimed to have spent time with Chris Watts in Dodge Prison.

  21. i had the "pleasure" to be his war reporter in kyiv xD

  22. Armchair Detective is a clown:

  23. This pic is from the first day tho.

  24. indeed, but has been posted many times already. Becomes boring to watch the same stuff over and over again

  25. Idk they look like even a smart for 2 can flatten them ._.

  26. I wonder how much pootin pays them

  27. Cats Message: Fuck you russian warship

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