1. Reach out to customer support. Some say they've had better luck with DMing on Twitter or Facebook, but I usually get a fairly quick response with email. They will most likely say they're out of whatever is missing and sent replacement products.

  2. Can u check comment below please ? It says what missing and I’d like ur opinion on comment as well. 😊

  3. I thought you can buy multiples of the same item now... guess you still can't. lame...

  4. I don’t think I have ever been able to add multiples(up to 3) on 2nd chance. Mind you , I have not hit a one year membership yet so not sure about long ago?? I assume they want to $1.99 us to death on the handling fees. I normally don’t complain too much about the Handling Fee (bc it won’t do any good except to raise my blood pressure 😂) However it does really ICK me that in order to get 3 of an item here it costs me an extra $3.98, I was going to get 3 of the Tatcha WC then decided it mad me too mad that I will be paying same price to receive another TWC but it will be straight to Ipsy. Maybe even if I was assured these warehouse employees were getting a percentage of the HFee I may not be so irked by it but I am sure it goes directly to the top of the food chain.

  5. What is in the glass domes / bell jars that RI villain has in her apartment?

  6. I am wondering the same thing!!! I kept rewinding it back And just cannot get a clear enough shot to see it!!! Does anyone know

  7. Oh is just the scent. Mmm, I'll see how it is, I'm a bit weirdo with scented stuff. 😃 That probably will be the first thing I'll try when it comes.

  8. I love love love the lip , I’m 38 and my 13 yr old loves it as well!! Very great product!!

  9. This is Sooooooo ridiculous =< I find it hard to believe that this is a product they are proud to stand behind!!!!! I am not a pro at this but have been getting Boxy (all 3) & Ipsy (all 3) for a while now and I have a good stock pile bc of FOMO and my addiction but I honestly am horrified at the sizes of these products!!!! Whoever put this box together at this price should be fired, and I really hope IPSY realizes this is a BAD LOOK for them, I believe it is taking advantage of their loyal customer base; bc they know: most customers who buy, buy,buy at add ons, flash sales, and Ipsy shop are going to definitely buy this Advent Calendar. Then they load it with low level/sample size products @ $115!!!!!!! Yes, this is my definition of completely flipping the finger to loyal buyers, I can’t even 😤 I hope I got my point across without sounding like a lunatic, 🥹

  10. The DOTG eye pads are the best I have tried !! Hope u love them bc I have literally tried tons from $100-$3 ones and these actually remove the crinkles/lines under eyes!!

  11. I actually really came around on liking the contents of my bag!

  12. How is the cool fix??- I considered that but didn’t get in the end

  13. I actually think I got a sample of it from Ipsy about a decade ago in a glam bag lol but, I loved it when I used it, absolutely no bumps at all, works with shaving and waxing. Seriously, one of the few skin care products that does exactly what it says.

  14. Lol! Hey, at least Ipsy was good for something/(one)!!! That is so awesome! I’ll keep an eye out!!

  15. My local postmaster is GREAT at tracking lost packages for me, all I have to do is email him. postmasters can see a lot more such as screenshots of the actual packages when they are scanned into the system, he has helped me locate many many packages I thought were floating in space at times. Give it a try, maybe call your local PO and see if they will give u PMaster email or even let you speak with PMaster, ***** I have found people who work counter usually do not care/ cannot provide the info that the PMaster can so be pushy and make sure you get the info you need to speak to PMaster.

  16. Hi 👋 are these the real brands of scents or is it imitation scents? Your reviews are awesome!!! 👍👍 how much is a month sub??

  17. The snake pattern is a lot like leopard patterns. It's either very you or not you at all, no in between. As far as snake patterns go, the bag looks great. It actually makes me think of a friend who considers the pattern her signature. I also enjoy the brands offered, but I don't like either enough to buy the bag. I'm also holding off until the holiday bags; they'll be here before I know it.

  18. I’ve not been a member long enough to experience holiday bags, are they a good selection or just a couple to choose from? How does it work?

  19. I did too been in same boat since 11th!! Have sent tons of complaints to CS, finally got a CSRep to admit that the warehouse did not receive all of the orders and they did not get sent out initially!! That this was a very rare circumstance but they were trying their best!!! I KNEW THAT THEY KNEW SOMETHING AND WERE NOT TELLING US THE CUSTOMERS!!!

  20. This was early today that the CS did admit what happened

  21. Yus! Why-oh-why must they keep us in suspense!!! My GBX is shipped but tracking is not working, so it could be: on the moon, at Pitney Bowes, in a USPS delivery van on its way to me, but I was assured: it should arrive no later than September 1st. 😂😂🤣🤣 I am not quite sure how that be assumed WHEN MY TRACKING STATUS HAS APPARENTLY FELL OFF THE FACE OF THE WORLD WIDE WEB!! I just cannot stop complaining at this point bc I know everything will be OOS and I will be given points for no delivery, which at that point I will have to become very angry and then open a complaint inquiry and blah blah blah and so on and so forth , I mean really?? Is it so freaking hard to have some sort of system in which mailing items actually works?? If they would put a new system in place they could then save themselves a lot of time listening to complaints!

  22. I’m still waiting on my June back so seeing that you just got yours gives me hope that I will still get mine🤣

  23. They told me they ran out of GB!! Like whaaaaaat? So I don’t get a June Bag!

  24. I am new to Ipsy (2 month sub gb gbp gbx). I also am boxy sub (2 month base, prem & luxe)

  25. Still waiting here and they gave lame excuse, soooooo guess I’ll just keep waiting

  26. I was traumatized by years of family kindly giving me birthday gifts of a $25 Sephora card that bought NOTHING. I now spend way too much money on beauty products and am thrilled about it, because I feel like I am actually getting some kind of value, at long last.

  27. For real!!!! My daughter found a beauty blender and said mom this is better than the one you bought in that makeup store (Sephora) she then asked how much did it cost? I was ashamed to say $16 and it was the knockoff brand at that! This was like a month b4 I subscribed! I know that I will not only shop Boxy or Ipsy for the rest of my life or that I can get everything I need from them, however I have been enjoying it. Since I am new, I do wonder why sooooooo many people are complaining about their boxes, like if it gets to the point , I don’t like my sub, I will cancel. What I won’t do is get on Reddit and complain and threaten to cancel? Maybe if more longtime unhappy subbers would cancel , Boxy would be forced to rethink their game plan????

  28. It’s bc the value changes dramatically depending on what they offer you to pick for your choice product(s), which you can only take part in when currently subscribed, so for your box to be a good value, you need to stay subbed for consecutive months. That’s bc the other items they put in are private label trash and in house brand filler items. And even the choice products are generally sold for $10 or less each month, so I would DEFINITELY NOT recommend that ANYONE get more than 1 Boxycharm sub a month. You can get what u want from the drop shop. And you’ll likely end up buy the stuff anyways since for some idiotic reason BC doesn’t show u what they’re sending u before the sale opens, so if u really want something then u end up with multiples & i assure you that you’ll realize that 75% of the stuff is shitty or old or overstock crap no one wanted to begin with and ur closet or bathroom etc. will likely look like it jumped out of a hoarders episode if you’re not careful. My main advice is to just become VERY WELL acquainted with the FTC website, in particular, bookmark “what to do if you’re billed for things you never got”. Seriously.

  29. Thank you, I am goin to check this out, I have like 12 items that were not shipped out from last sale , is this usually a big problem with shop orders?

  30. I don't see why having multiple accounts would not be allowed since you are paying for it. There's people online who post multiple bags but also get PR which means Ipsy is aware, and I've never seen it posted anywhere that it's not ok. I have had multiple accounts in the past, like when I used to get my daughter a bag too. Most items were different. I had multiple BoxyCharm, 3 times, each time the boxes were different. It has been a couple of years though so I don't know if things have changed in the diversity of combinations of items. Hope that answers the question.

  31. Yes, as others have said, Ipsy can sometimes close accounts for "suspicious activity", but will not disclose what the threshold is for for suspicious. Which makes sense, so that people can't abuse the system, I guess.

  32. Thanks for the info! Do you sub to BC as well? And if so how many subs/diff boxes do you get there?

  33. I am SO MAD at Ipsy for giving that damn serum to literally EVERYBODY but me.😩😩😩

  34. It takes that long yes, very rarely I've received my orders from the shop only a bit faster. They use probably the cheapest way to ship, so ... just keep an eye on your orders and if they are taking more than 15 business days to move contact customer support they will help you for sure. Hope that helps!

  35. You would be surprised but your boxes may still be coming, their shipping means are awful, probably the cheapest which is understandable, but waiting 3-4 weeks is really annoying, and to worry what you will receive, missing items and etc ...

  36. I just joined Ipsy last month, I have made several shop orders and still haven’t received anything I ordered, I was wondering if I am the only person this happened to. I have an order that shipped out May 18 with DHL and last tracking was May 27, USPS does not have it. I don’t understand why it should take soooo long with shipping when I can receive a package bought off Mecari in 2/3 days. I know we have had a pandemic but shipping seems back to normal except for anything from Ipsy??? Have they always been this horrible? I can’t find any info on my bags or 2 more orders either??

  37. You hype something all week and then screw up the price. People are messaging them so maybe they’ lol address it

  38. How does everyone complain? Do u have to go to the auto or and file a claim?

  39. I use fb messenger and get realitivly quick responses

  40. Thank You good idea, they sure don’t want those negative reviews on FB, I bet, I may finally get a response from them about receiving that ugly white drawstring bag with an eye on it for may GlamBag!! ☹️

  41. Cannot get it to show when I log in, it says not a member, any ideas why?

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