1. Looks siiiick. Btw is the SF750 enough for those โ€œ30 series spikesโ€ or are you considering getting moh powah?

  2. Thanks! I believe it's enough since I haven't had any issues. If I had a 3090ti definitely would get mooooore pooowaaah ๐Ÿคฃ

  3. Beautiful set up. What's that wrist rest? Looks awesome. Is it acrylic or PC? Thank you

  4. Thanks! It came bundled with my keyboard. I believe it is machined acrylic and aluminum. Maybe here you can get more information if you are interested

  5. Great Build! The T1 V2 has a better build quality than the Meshlicious? Which do you reccomend?

  6. does it work with qmk? id love to customize the function of the switches

  7. If you want the original but cannot wait you could just buy the Peak Design Anchor Links and some Paracord and make it yourself. YouTube can teach you. I made my handle myself with some old PD Anchor Links that I had.

  8. Thanks for the input! Not sure why I said <10l, it can be a bit bigger, but obviously the smaller the better. I guess I could go back to a regular 25mm wide fans too, I will have to see. But again, thank you! Looking at the C26 and I like what i see- except the price haha

  9. OMG you put peak design's cuff! That's a great touch! xD

  10. I thought It was so useful and knew I needed one so just made it myself ๐Ÿ˜‚

  11. Buy N-ATX from SSF Time. You can reuse motherboard, CPU, PSU and even GPU. Downside you have to wait for a restock.

  12. Thanks for the suggestion, its bookmarked. I was interested in something available now though if possible. But thanks

  13. Meshilicious is the next best option then, you'll need new motherboard though. I have one and I love it!

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