I came across a poll in a piece of writing that asked men "If you were a woman for a day what would you do?" "Get fucked in all 3 holes to experience what its like" urged most men. My question for these men is "Since you already have 2 of those holes now, whats holding you back?

Sometimes you just got to dance with the doots.

Cute but creepy

A glowing commendation for all to see

I'm in this with you.

Innocent laughter

When laughter meets percussion

Let's sip to good health and good company

Boldly go where we haven't been in a long, long time.

  1. Meh, I don't drink wine so I can't really remember which measure is the standard. My point still stands though. Could just as easily be him shitting the bed, as a barman pouring slightly too much.

  2. There are many factors that affect whether you're over the limit, and it's not as clear as simply say "drinking X amount" will inevitably see you over the limit; factors such as the size and weight of the person, their tolerance to alcohol, whether they drank on an empty stomach, how quickly they drank and so on.

  3. Fair play. Lad made a mistake, apologised. Not trying to make excuses for him either but he was just over, not mortal, and a couple of pints could easily put someone not used to drinking over the limit. My point is that it was quite likely a mistake rather than someone getting deliberately mortal and driving hone.

  4. On a related note, does anyone have any tips on how to do this on your computing device for work?

  5. Mate, if I get gender switched into a woman, and assuming my brain won't get changed by harmones, I will not go anywhere near guys. I will probably experiment with my body and try to get some lesbo action, but I will not try to get rammed in my 3 holes. Besides, anal feels a lot better for men.

  6. This is the way. I'm a man, who fancies women. I'm gonna be turned into a woman for a day. Give me mirrors and sex toys, not men 🤣

  7. Good post, full of truths. For better or worse, I've made peace with it now. Not that I have ever been lucky enough to have a good sex life to begin with. I guess you can't miss what you've never had.

  8. I guess I prefer not to think about it. The upheaval it would cause breaking up, plus we do get on fine actually, just the bedroom thing really. Being totally honest I'm not, nor have I ever been, a catch, I'm not sure the type of ladies I'm interested in would reciprocate.

  9. 100%! Baby boomers are the most spoiled generation to have ever walked this planet. Their parents and grandparents fought for, and obtained, labor rights. They defeated Hitler and created a strong middle class where one income could support a whole family. Then when the boomers came of age and started making decisions in the early 80s and beyond, they pulled up the ladder behind them, they gave the middle finger to the generations that followed. They destroyed unions, they deregulated everything which allowed massive wealth to flow upwards, away from the middle class. They destroyed the environment, and unlike their predecessors, they did so, with full knowledge of the harm they were causing. They essentially robbed future generations for their own insatiable greed. Future generations will have to pay the debt that the baby boomers incurred, and yet they have the nerve to blame millennials, and Gen Z. What really cracks me up though, is they were the ones who started giving trophies to every kid that participated yet they now talk about younger generations, wanting a participation trophy. While every generation has their own sins, like mine, Gen x (apathy while we knew what was going on.), the boomers win the biggest trophy for being the shittiest generation to ever walk this planet.

  10. The monolithic personification of generations is the dumbest thing ever. I remember the early articles about the boomers - they were written by boomers trying to self-explore, but they were just navel gazing by columnists with a deadline. Then it was Gen X, then the millennials, now Gen Z. That's all it's ever been. And it's all such arbitrary demarcation, super lazy generalization, and stupid assumptions. Yeah, the boomers all got together in big stadiums all over the land to use their magical foresight figure out how to screw their grandkids out of their futures. That's what happened, you know, because people hate their kids and grandkids so much.

  11. No, boomers did not deliberately set out to fuck up your life. They just muddled through life like we all do. In some, but not all respects, they were in the right place at the right time. Plenty lived in slums and in poverty. Nobody here would have done anything differently.

  12. Dude... OP's 43, far from being a boomer. You think HIS generation fucked the future generations? Think again.

  13. No in that case I don’t think his generation fucked the future ones but they certainly had it easier than the current youth.

  14. Some of them might have had it easier. Many 'boomers' where I live, lived in slums, and worked down mines or in ship yards. Most of them barely had a pot to piss in.

  15. That insult, apart from being lazy and ageist, is so overused I'm not actually sure all those using it always know what it actually means. Normally just the mere use of it causes an eye-roll before scrolling on by as they usually don't have anything useful to say, apart from having a rant at those evil old folk.

  16. Big +1. We tried to switch to Tesco’s ketchup in our big shop to save money and quickly realised nothing compares to Heinz!

  17. I've been a ketchup addict for years, and yet I can rarely ever tell the difference between supermarket and heinz. There was only one occasion - the coops ketchup, mainly because it was genuinely sickly and disgusting.

  18. I sadly didn't even know there WERE 3rd party clients.. now it's too late. Damn it! I've been over here just using the regular app like a pleb.

  19. I'll be honest, and this is probably going to sound very apathetic and depressing, but I've stopped wanting to hear about what's going on in other countries.

  20. Indeed. I think a lot of people seriously need to have a break from the news. Real life for the majority of folks isn't that depressing without that little feed of misery in the background.

  21. More 'stuff' maybe as so much 'stuff' is made much more cheaply. So yeah, maybe you can still afford a nice TV. There's 2 aspects though. What is double your wage? Because I tell you that 40% tax bracket coming in hits what you take home after hard. Combined with the removal of child benefits and you very quickly find yourself questioning why you bothered getting a job that pays more, with all the extra responsibilities in the first place. Secondly and most importantly, the essentials, your rent or buying a house, food shopping, petrol, insurance, utilities (and I'm not even talking about the current situation). My local chippy went up to £1 for a medium portion of chips in 2001, now its £2.60

  22. I'm a northerner so I don't have to worry about hitting the 40% bracket anytime soon. To be fair, I have made very deliberate choices that meant that we could cope in hard times, as that was the way I was brought up by my parents who lived in poverty when they were younger.

  23. Similar to yourself I grew up poor and very much like to live within my means. I've never bought jeans with holes in them, even when they were fashionable, where we had damp when I was a kid, I have genuine fear of it getting into my house. I've only ever had second hand cars I could buy outright. I was incredibly lucky to identify this career path however I still had to pay nearly 4 times what my neibour payed for their house 20 years ago (hence my chosen timeline) we're about 70 miles from London and mine needed alot of work, installing central heating etc. Theirs was perfect to move into. That doesn't even take into account tax differences, loss of child support etc. I stand by my previous statement.

  24. I really do feel for people down south with regards to housing, you guys really do get the royal shaft.

  25. It's fine, but not as good as Lurpak for me. Whether it's worth the difference is another matter.

  26. Make the most of them while they're still here, I bet a lot will close over the next 12 months.

  27. I mean it's had quite a bit of investment in it but it is what it is. These areas are 99% working class people wanting to get on with life and 1% mad cunts who make everyone else's life shit.

  28. Aye true, I'm not a snob or anything, I've hung around my fair share of dives in my time, and it was always the case. My point was simply that I didn't exactly need to look very hard to see the deprivation on Google Images, a lot of other areas just look fairly normal to me, although I guess it's people not necessarily derelict buildings that make a place rough, though it's usually a fairly good indicator.

  29. Visited mates there about a week ago. Seemed fine.

  30. Aye, it's not that bad at all. Walker, Byker, North Shields, Meadow Well are all worse.

  31. I was speechless when I was told. I was sent to hospital immediately, and signed off work a week. I have been told I am lucky to be alive. I did feel pretty dreadful for quite a few months before which prompted to the doctors visit.

  32. Isn't it a hypertensive crisis at, like, 180/120?? Holy shit dude.

  33. The whole world seems to be going this way. Everything always has to be geared towards maximum efficiency and minimum interaction. Even in supermarkets you're lucky to find more than a handful of manned checkouts (which I make a point of using). Everyone slowly seems to be shifting their lives online, and communities are dying out. We're probably being unwittingly dragged into the matrix 🤣 what a miserable existence we're cultivating.

  34. People sometimes take the piss but that is why I always start slow and very gradually increase the intensity of exercise particularly when starting out. If it's not this, then it's a heart attack. Neither is a good thing and both will cause you to delay your fitness goals more than with a gradual plan. Some of these PTs are completely irresponsible. Get well soon.

  35. Ugh, I hate those type of people. Puking from exercise isn't a badge of honor, it's not even hard to do if you're really out of shape or working out with too much food in your stomach, it's hardly like you're showing off how beastly you are. It just means you're doing something wrong, it's like bragging about pulling a muscle. My dads been a cross country runner his whole life and has always stressed listening to your body and working out safely.

  36. Have you already looked at the bose sleepbuds II? They can only play white noise sounds from the bose app, you have nature, rain, etc. I don’t have tinnutis, so I don’t know if this helps with sleeping because they act like noice cancellation buds but maybe the noice from the sounds can block or counter the tinnutis?

  37. I've been thinking of getting some of these (BOSE SB2). I currently use an ancient smartphone with some wired sleep headphones (basically, earbuds that are very small, so you can sleep on your side, and very soft rubber so they don't hurt) and use an app to play some noise

  38. For their price compared to what they do, it looks super excessive and not at all affordable.

  39. Yes they do appear to be which is why I haven't bought any yet. Another Reddit user has just told me they accidentally left them off charge and they broke, so I think I'll pass on these.

  40. I think they have something like 2000 people working on benefits fraud a d not even 10 who work in tax evasion. This was quite a few years ago when I read this. So knowing the Tories it's probably more like 2 people looking into tax evasion.

  41. I guess tories going after tax evaders would be like turkeys voting for xmas.

  42. Same thing goes for the old rear sensor if your finger is the slightest bit wet... 😑

  43. Yep, I've never got this relentless fawning over the old rear sensor, the front sensor on my s21u is better than any of those ever were.

  44. As long as they put the effort in and have owners who look like they care then I'm happy. The miserable sods can do one!

  45. Wheels for your car, always buy brand new. They’re the only thing that’s keeping you on the road when you drive so they’re worth the investment of being decent.

  46. I assume you mean tyres? I've bought second hand alloy wheels before with no problems. Tyres almost always new though.

  47. The camera on the pixel is absolutely next level, and sells the phone for anyone who wants the best camera system they can get, and that's what I wanted - the best camera I could get.

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