1. The Ultra is a very good device, but it has the same (significant) limitations as the Apple.

  2. Doesn't seem like a TV would make for a good browsing experience anyway.

  3. You dont understand, the web browser is for TV viewing, the same as you do on any app. It has nothing to do with actual browsing or web surfing.

  4. "Then they do it all over again once the ballots arrive, in many states “harvesting” by going door to door to encourage their voters to fill out ballots and returning them on their behalf."

  5. I mean the movie has a gay relationship, an interracial relationship, and heck, even the one with the kids is interracial and diverse.

  6. ohh wait so you’re saying you add actual coffee to your drink? that’s pretty cool!! never thought about doing that

  7. Anytime. You can taper it more to your liking too. If you want it still very sweet, just tell them to take out a little milk to make the switch. Or the opposite, tell them to put in instead mostly coffee.

  8. I was in the infantry for four years before women were allowed in combat MOS's. I have no problem with women in the infantry, but standards should be lowered for anyone. This literally just weekens the Army.

  9. I can't think of a thing the Democrats haven't severely weakened us in.

  10. This is good. Love the browser on the FTV.

  11. Me too. I watch as much stuff on the browser as I do on the apps.

  12. Great your secret porn Sites on the home screen for the wife to find.

  13. That was pretty fast to 500,,,well done!

  14. Brother I’d be watching over the air with my antenna still without you thank you so much !

  15. I guess it varies by device and app?

  16. Definitely get the 64/4gb if you can. I've had mine a year now.

  17. MAGA is not a winning movement. I haven’t bought into anti MAGA advertising or any of that. I realized it on my own.

  18. It won in 2016, and actually would/should have won in 2020. Without the rigging that took place.

  19. Show proof of the rigging and then let’s talk. MAGA movement hyped up the republicans but it hypes up moderate republicans and democrats and everyone left of that as well soooo it’s losing its following. 81 million people voted against it

  20. So you dont believe the recent FBI revelations on the manipulation of the Hunter Biden scandal? Or the Elon Musk announcements from last week?

  21. Major risk by the Red Sox considering his age, his health, and his inconsistencies.

  22. I sold my 2 tuner Recast and got a 4 tuner Recast. I really wanted a three tuner but, that was the option.

  23. Gotcha. I guess depending on the use case, it can be much more significant, and I'm glad you're able to rack up and use it to its full advantage!

  24. I have 2 Recasts and I agree that for what they were meant to do, they do it fairly well. I had ReplayTV's for years and so the Recast is a bit of a downgrade but knew that goin in. :)

  25. Now that Amazon has really enhanced their Live Guide integration, it makes the Recast even better. For example, I have subscriptions to YouTubeTV, Philo, and Starz. I can combine all those services and channels together with my 80 OTA into one consolidated guide! So I have like 30 combined channels all in my favorites guide - great technology!

  26. I think Vaughn will be able to cover it. If not, we can always trade for a SS Mid-Season.

  27. The search results function seems to go down temporarily pretty often the last few weeks. But it always comes back up, and it's working now again.

  28. Yeah, it just seems to constantly go on and off.

  29. Johnny Carson did it better than anyone. Any list without him is worthless.

  30. Totally. Was spoiled by him so much, I can't even really get into these contemporaries.

  31. Exactly. When you declare a war on natural energy, as his administration has, these are the impacts of that.

  32. Natural energy? That's what they focus grouped and came up with? Ok, I'll file that away with "clean coal" or how methane is "natural gas" and not ancient farts.

  33. I've signed up to Amazon Prime Channels before, and it is an interesting trade-off:

  34. I disagree on the con, especially if you use an Amazon Fire TV or a Recast. The Fire Live Guide is awesome if you want to integrate across various platforms and services. For example, right now I have subscriptions to YouTubeTV, Philo, and Starz. Plus I get about 80 OTA Channels and I have access to over another 100 using FreeVee.

  35. Using Chrome, I get "add to home screen" as an option.

  36. Remember that poll from 2 years ago where about 65-70% of Republicans that were polled thought Biden's win was illegitimate? They should redo it now.

  37. Yes, I have the same problem with a lot of old Westerns that show up on different channels and I got scads of episodes.

  38. There should be more channels in 1080i that would benefit from the 1080 resolution though. Fox is broadcasting in 1080p via ATSC 3.0 in my market and I'm fairly tempted to upgrade.

  39. Same here. It's Fox and just two of the other major broadcast networks that are in 1080. In fact there are so many subchannels now sharing the multi-band space, most of the new channels being added now are actually even only in 480p (not even 720!).

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