1. I have no idea what Yacht Rock means. Steely Dan was mentioned twice and I’m like… how?

  2. My 8th grade english class got to watch the movie where you see juliet’s tits

  3. Same but like junior year of HS and the teacher scrambled to cover the TV with a Manila folder and fast forward but her timing was off and we all laughed and mock-gasped, which flustered her further

  4. She’s (and the rest of them) suck judging by how they treated Nardwuar. Great music tho.

  5. Seeing hundreds listings tor $2,500 when the article says “average is $5,000” seems a bit misleading to me but yaaa

  6. There could be tons that are a dollar and one that’s like a trillion, math is CRAZY

  7. The HPPD thing is part of his own telling of his backstory - it’s not, like, something that happened recently.

  8. Yeah and having HPPD doesn’t make you fried lol. Unless I can go on disability b/c of it in which yes omg he’s spun and so am I

  9. Rob Ford was a fat amateur, Marion Berry is the original and far superior crack smoking mayor.

  10. yeah the clearchannel stations get a file sent to them each morning with the "dj" and shit already on it. thought this was well understood.

  11. Yeah I worked in radio around the time clearchannel was buying everything up. I could run three stations at once because everything was so automated.

  12. whoever had the idea for this movie should be publicly executed along with the guy who created the human centipede

  13. It was just off. I wouldn’t say it was mean spirited though. I think Judge just couldn’t do what he wanted on ABC.

  14. I can remember the human announcers. there was the 'stand clear of the closin' guy -- he used to be on the 1 sometimes (I used to take the 1 all the time for school), and instead of the standard 'stand clear of the closing doors' he abbreviated it,

  15. Heard it on other trains too. A kid in my freshman year poetry class even wrote a poem with that as the title lol

  16. Yeah, I have no idea what the homophobia accusation is about. Maybe bluechecks voted that the joke is lesbian erasure or something? I have no clue

  17. No they played soccer that’s why the movie’s called Dribbling for Columbine

  18. Was listening to interviews with him yesterday thinking the same thing 😞

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