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  1. There’s something about these fighting videos… can’t pinpoint what it is.

  2. Here for the smack down or recovery. GL OP.

  3. So do they require the money up front via Cashapp? If so are they mostly scams? Genuinely curious of what percentage of these are scams vs actual sex work

  4. Aren’t these the same people who call us cultists

  5. There aren't enough jobs because everybody wrecks every business that tries to start up in the area

  6. WPT is a weird sub. Top posts routinely get 50k upvotes but the top comment on said post barely breaks 1k.

  7. So this was posted in another sub stating that “Tennessee is run by republicans” and that the sentencing is determined by the board of corrections, which is also run by republicans.

  8. I hate when I jump on a moving car and fall off. Happens way too often.

  9. Have fun paying $10 for a McChicken

  10. Nah. As others have pointed out, some are bots, and the rest are too set in their ways. This holds true with a lot of non-political mindsets as well. It’s really difficult to actually change someone’s view even with plenty of facts and logic, so it’s futile to attempt to do so with a stranger on the internet.

  11. Oh sorry, wrong person. I thought I was texting my dad.

  12. Wait, is this legal? Cash is legal tender, don’t businesses have to accept it?

  13. Paramedics would rather show up and have there not be an emergency than to show up and it be too late.

  14. I’ve genuinely always wondered what the actual solution is to homeless problems.

  15. I remember the period I was still young and even more stupid than now and I was using Tinder. Every third girl had that mf-ing dog face filter and I vomited every time I saw it.

  16. I think a lot of them use the dog filter on their noses because some women are insecure about their noses from what I’ve heard

  17. I’m just under the impression it’s a distraction for something else. It’s not uncommon for there to be a massive news story when there’s something seemingly bigger happening behind the scenes

  18. I genuinely forgot masks were still a thing

  19. I’m fine with term limits, but implement it across the board.

  20. But what about the ones that t.y.pe l,i,k.e this to avoid the whatever detection? I've typed individual sentences but those cape sellers won't stop appearing. Can you help in any way?

  21. I've just done the best I can with what they commonly say. For example a lot of them will use accented letters to bypass the chat filter. If you google "alt codes" you can put those in your Runelite chat filter as well.

  22. They want oil priced so high people will buy 60k electric vehicles

  23. Honestly when the price comes down a bit I’ll get one. For now I’m perfectly fine driving my used 2012 Subaru

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