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  1. I'd see Bottom, but if my date has problems with her marrow it's best she tell me now.

  2. He should date a chinamanwoman and have a normal looking kid. Might be hairy though...

  3. I do dance workout with Helen from Big Brother, so don't need geri's body yoga.

  4. Think of how much meat and cheese you could buy with that!

  5. 165 pounds mate, plus the drinks he had to buy at the casino and lest we forget the 50p!

  6. I see. I thought getting the flask and the holy water might create a good ending or something.

  7. The flask and the holy water must be used in a particular spot... they doesn't however alter the ending. Maybe a sequel a new version of this game will have multiple endings. Thank you for playing and leaving a comment!

  8. I prefer forging the leaver as an Executioner and changing their will to something like "I hate this role. Target Giles Corey. Good luck" where Giles Corey is a Mafia member.

  9. Hmm... I can see this working well except for the undisputed fact that Giles Corey is always sus.

  10. I actually live that your average forger doesn't put any effort in their plays, if you can even call them that. Because whenever I make a high effort play with forger, no one expects it.

  11. Nothing infuriates me more than a mafioso/godfather changing their mind at the last minute so I can't forge/clean. Especially when I'm asking them to.

  12. You would do. It's like, if you saw a two-headed man, you would look.

  13. I love Ricky. I think he's great. He just wouldn't be in my top 5 people to start a new planet.

  14. Ricky claims he would share his cheese, but I don't think he would when push came to shove.

  15. Ricky being genuinely moved by Karl’s Victoria Plumb story.

  16. I remember trying to get that achievement and someone needed unless it would be draw and no on got voted and drew the next day

  17. argh, that sucks. I had a game where it was me (gf), ex who needed win, vet, and witch.

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