1. I’d fuck empty my bwc in you before during and after.,,

  2. Is a shame to cover those… 🥵. I’d love to suck em while you take my bwc z;)

  3. Of courses. Especially if you want me to wrap your legs around my neck every morning before I fil you

  4. I’d love to empty my bwc in you gorgeous;) be your baby’s sugar daddy :)

  5. You would look so good being filled by my bwc gorgeous

  6. Yes please:) I’ve never been finished or had a proper sucking and I’m always horny thinking about how much I want a beautiful girl with amazing eyes looking up at me when you gag on my cock and make up drips down your face.. 🥵

  7. Omg just you typing that made me so fucking horny. I would LOVE to do all of that to you!! 😍

  8. Omg you have me rock hard…. You suck me off like that I’ll warp ur legs around my neck and tongue 👅 fuck your holes until they are nice And ready to get gaped and filled with my bwc baby;)

  9. Perfect 🤩 I’ll throw you on the bed pull ur panties over put my hand on ur throat and destroy you baby

  10. I’ve been looking for a workout partner… I’m in ;)

  11. My kinda girl;) I think I should stick it in that other tight hole that’s not getting any attention;)

  12. I want to eat it, fill it, then eat it again:)

  13. I’ll lick em and stick and fill your holes with my bwc gorgeous

  14. Well I’m already rock hard baby;) grab my cock and stick it in you. I’ll give you a nice warm load or 3;)

  15. Anytime gorgeous;) you’re beautiful all around and I bet you know how to treat a man:)

  16. I want to fill both ur pussies with my bwc and load of cum… when it drips down to your ass I’m going to use it as lube and fill both ur tight asses and leave them gaping ;)

  17. I’ll own all your holes when I’m done with you

  18. I want you to be my own personal flesh light ;)

  19. I’ll get under you now that you have my bwc rock hard you might as well take it baby;)

  20. I’ll rub and kiss you all over while I bury my cock in you:)

  21. I’d give you my bwc and load(s) all day everyday gorgeous

  22. I’d start by wrapping those legs around my neck;)

  23. I’ll pump 5 loads in you with my big thick cock baby;)

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