1. Remember when he applauded the FBI for investigating Hillary Clinton?

  2. Standard "deal". I bought most of these on Steam two years ago for better prices.

  3. Since your submission is flaired as REAL, please reply to this comment with the link to the original, or else Ben Shapiro will steal your feet pics and remove this post.

  4. /uj oh god how much I was disappointed by this game. I really wanted a smash bros game that is not Nintendo so I can actually play on computer without paying the monthly Nintendo online fee.

  5. How are the cults still brainwashing so many young men and women into their Nazi militia????

  6. They aren't inconsequential. Millions of people listen to them and believe what they say. Democracy is dying because of it.

  7. We both live in Wisconsin Kyle come to my basement Kyle I will teach you my ways Kyle join me for Thanksgiving Kyle I've got cool arcades in my basement Kyle you can spend the night Kyle my wife won't mind Kyle

  8. "Dr. Who announces the next doctor is both gay and black! Just like my dad!"

  9. I haven't heard anything about that so probably not. That would be big news.

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