1. I just put the zombie on block of soul sand with water on top, then have a half-slab in front of him. He'll pop up and down repeatedly and will break sight with the villagers often enough that they'll pop down for a micro nap

  2. Ohh im stupid. I tried this and forgot the half slab

  3. Also are you in java? Bedrock has different mechanic.

  4. Thank you! I gotta say there are a couple of issues I didn't consider before building this:

  5. Personally my favorite kinda setup is janky Frankenstein. But yeah that makes sense lmao. Wish you luck with the new battery!

  6. It should arrive on Monday... And since my setup melted (don't ask) I kinda have to wait to rebuild it with the new battery before I can make my drifting montage haha

  7. Ripp that sucks. Can’t wait to see a mecamum wheel build drift!

  8. Clear CMOS. If you can't find the "easy" way to do it for your exact board:

  9. Wait so how did they explain to you that they are going to have to go, leaving your pc in this state

  10. The computer was working before they left lmao. But like 2 minutes later the keyboard and mouse froze, I restarted the pc and this happened

  11. Metal, I have to wash my hands every time I handle change just because of the smell

  12. Bro’s about to get body slammed by a substitute teacher

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