1. What’s are those? Do they come with them stock? Just got a new 2022 and wondering if I’m missing something after seeing the comment on this post.

  2. Man, I WISH I could make smooth lines like that. Control and Z are the first keys I wear out on my keyboard...

  3. Get a macropad with a knob and no more keys will have to suffer your (and mine) ctrl z rage.

  4. Thanks! Would you happen to know the difference btw the pth 660 n intuos pro and pth 660 intuos pro? Both were released in 2017 but the 660 n is double the price?

  5. Yeah keep an eye out when you research used units. I recommend looking up the 2013 version, they are slightly similar in looks so make sure when you keep an eye out for listings that may have a picture of the new box but it’s a 2013. Happened to a colleague of mine. (This wasn’t a scam tho, just an honest mistake).

  6. Amazing job! You made your own stickers? I'm wondering if I should get this one or the smaller one that has 16 keys and 3 dials. Mainly for video editing and graphic design.

  7. Thank you ❤️ Took me about an hour and a half since I had to screw everything in by hand. But it's a lot nicer. Also opted for velcro ties since I sometimes need to take my laptop charger with me and didn't want to have anything down "forever" :))

  8. A I see, MT3 WoB. A man of culture as well.

  9. Idk about op but my main reason for screen protector is the matte/textured finish for drawing. The safe feeling of knowing it's not going to be scratched from either my pen or something else is more of a secondary prio for me.

  10. I feel like Aaron Taylor Johnson could play this guy in a movie. Great piece and the lighting is awesome

  11. Very true. Destiny is very heavy DLC oriented and is needed for in-game play. If the refund happens then all is good but still Destiny should have access to all DLC on any platform. It’s bad practice to repurchase it all over to essentially “keep” again.

  12. I honestly agree with you. Makes no sense. If it’s on the same account there should be like a 1 time fee to transfer items if they want to make money. Or at least make an exception for stadia players. Rather than rebuying EVERYTHING.

  13. This isn’t bungies decision this is probably from the game stores. Xbox doesn’t want you playing a game on their platform that you bought in the PlayStation store or steam.

  14. That also makes sense. More of a business is business situation.

  15. Not waiting for downloads and installation will be greatly missed.

  16. Any advice on how to go about remapping keys? I've been able to load the JSON in Via, but I can't figure out how to flash it.

  17. So you simply import the JSON and the keymap appears. (Make sure it's on the app not the web version of VIA). And if you want custom keymaps like Cmd+z or Cmd+A and so on, you have to click a button, go to special and click "Any" and typenin your keycodes.

  18. When I did a trial of using Brave daily for 2 weeks on a Mac, I encountered the same issue.

  19. I did have a lot of tabs open. But they seem to keep functioning just fine. Definitely seems like the same issue. after my second restart, it seems like the issue went away But I’ll keep my eyes peeled for any new developments.

  20. I choose the crayon. And it better be Burnt Sienna or else 😠🔪🖍️

  21. Try structured. Don't know about the "checked, not checked, checked" part but you can have tasks that have sub tasks and you can make those tasks recurring. It’s on iOS, MacOS and iPad OS.

  22. Yeah, I think people are missing the main point. There ain't a problem making a to do list with recurring tasks, but the main feature I need is being able to only copy the checked tasks, and not the entire list, if that makes sense.. Maybe I just explain myself poorly, but English is not my native language, so maybe that's it.. :P

  23. I can be very specific too like that and no I understood. I’ll keep an eye out!! :D

  24. Why not use BetterSnapTool. Same folks who made BetterTouchTool

  25. I have a joint account with my partner and if I remember correctly, the wealthfront joint cash account doesn't support debit cards yet.

  26. Wow that’s awesome! Is that a sticker or some kind of a plastic?

  27. Used the studio pen (most similar to gpen in CSP) for the whole piece. Took about 2 hours to create.

  28. Thanks for the link 👍🏿 definitely going to pick this up.

  29. Great set up by the way. Great ergonomics too. Good luuuuck!

  30. Just measured mine and it's almost exactly 3cm diameter

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