1. I remember talking to an aussie years ago while i was traveling and they were laughing about how “Americans don’t trust their government” and how crazy that was and how Australians all loved and believed in and trusted their gov. Crazy to think about that convo now. They probably would happily round up their family and friends for a boxcar vacation without a second thought if the govt asked.

  2. Australia was a country built on the back of sheep.

  3. Always handy having 50 or so marines just in case a dusty ship needs liberating.

  4. Plus there's no further thinking of the consequences and legality of this.

  5. Check out computingforever .com Dave Cullen has been on this for years.

  6. Imagine you're a super genius. Ok now imagine you can live forever. Think about how long you can remain sane over that period. The probability approaches very close to 1.

  7. Ha as if the Chch shootings were real. I've seen the video and it's fake as fuck.

  8. That's fine by me. Obese people can pretend to have a heart attack and I can pretend to care.

  9. How? Talking to REDACTED stations does nothing. You mean the special agent in Prism?

  10. I like to sell them nano forges, if the planet has heavy industry. Just nature sure you don't sell it on the black market because they won't use it if you do. I think

  11. Save game before selling. Easiest way to check.

  12. How would they enforce this ban? Inspectors peeking through blinds? How ridiculous.

  13. His chin goes on forever. Where does it end?

  14. Obviously too many people are receiving their power bills at once. Or getting stressed by standing up too fast. /s

  15. This guy is seeing only the cloud and not the silver lining of owning his home eventually. Sounds like his wife nags him for upgrades. Put your damn foot down.

  16. Yeah. As a guy who had big plans of building a home this fall, those plans have changed. I think home prices will be dropping shortly, because rates aren’t going down anytime soon. People are very rapidly being priced out of being able to buy homes, and as soon as people stop buying prices will be coming down. I’ve already started to see price reductions in my area for the first time in a long time.

  17. If people stop buying homes then the hedge funds use their unlimited money tap to buy.

  18. I must be old school but..pen and paper?

  19. The big players get an illegal cut with their routers plugged into the mainframes. Measuring reaction times in milliseconds, their algorithms skim a few cents off every share in most trades.

  20. Looks like the usual time-share clientele.

  21. Was a passport too obvious? Seriously I guard my credit card like it's made of platinum. There's no way any sane person just drops their card at a crime scene so carelessly.

  22. Damn right. Along the lines of "Some of you may die. But it's a sacrifice I'm willing to make".

  23. Administration of a vassal country: government. Administration of a 'hostile' country: regime.

  24. I've actually been wondering how you can join or create alliances with other factions. Is it something in the Nexerelin menu, or is it somewhere else?

  25. Nice. Chalcedon is the most valuable of planets. Cheap crew, organics and food. No patrols. Because of it's high population it can absorb big amounts of your ill-gotten wares.

  26. Noticed it, haven't gotten around to it yet. What can you do?

  27. Truth is more horrific, terrifying than this. People would just start eating each other like the walking dead. Sure you say that would cook you first right? Well some cases where people where staving to death eating other person alive. Read "blood lands" oh if you get easy depressed do not read it.

  28. 'The Road' is a gritty depressing apocalyptic movie because it's probably what will happen.

  29. To be successful in your patriotism nowadays you must be like a ghost.

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