1. listen to me….old school youtube. green marble setting spray. from a competition dancer…trust.

  2. that’s probably why Ipsy bought them. The merge hasn’t even fully happened yet and you haven’t given it a chance.

  3. i actually get it as a gift for christmas each year. if it wasnt a bonding thing between my family and i, i would have cancelled it. my complaints are valid. i hope ipsy buying them out works well. you asked me why i think its gone downhill, and i gave all valid responses. the customer service is not there. prices went up (regardless of reason), and quality went down. this is not a small business that deserves “a chance”. they’ve been in business for 10 years. do you work for them or something?

  4. I’m just being rational. If I’m unhappy with a service, I just won’t use it. It seems like a lot of people are unhappy with the service but keep paying for it.

  5. The truly unicorn lotion, scrub and spray. I really wanted to like it, and it did make my skin soft but after I used it my skin was so itchy, and I used it after like a spa prep for a weekend so I scrubbed and shaved and moisturized with all the products and it was so irritating to my skin. So depressing. I wanted to love it.

  6. anything truly has always been a major bust for me! it does nothing but look pretty on the counter

  7. Since people are doing skincare too- the ordinary. It ends up being as expensive as high end to get all the actives you’d actually need in a decent routine plus so many of their products have an excessively high concentration to just be something you can purchase off the shelf without professional advice.

  8. i used to love the idea of the ordinary, but it causes people to mix too many actives that arent formulated together correctly! if a product puts out an AHA/BHA serum with HA, you know it’s formulated properly. however if you mix all three of those ingredients yourself its asking for irritation!

  9. It was the one highlighter during the highlighter craze that I truly regret not buying. Maybe ABH will bring it back for a limited time like they did the Nicole Guerrero palette.

  10. I still look for reviews on youtube and refuse to download that app. YouTube creators that were good would do 3 day foundation tests and even workout in them and such. Some would even swatch their entire collection to help us shade match

  11. this!! i miss the wear tests. i wanna see what it looks like after 2 hours, 6, hours, 12 hours, etc. and different lighting! i dont care what it looks like under studio lighting for 5 seconds😐

  12. When the Tik Tok authorities came to my home to enforce the decree that the entire public only watch their beauty content, I told them that I wasn't interested and asked them to leave. At first I thought I was going to have to go Vernita Green on their asses, but all I had to do was say no and that I preferred Youtube, and they left quietly.

  13. surely you understand the point of my post and arent acting ignorant on purpose. we can see brands favor the tiktok beauty scene now, and youtubers are now moving to tiktok/shorts. the type of video has changed, as well. much less informal, more consumerism. do you understand now?

  14. no offense to you at all (believe me, because i agree with you!) but this just shows you cant win. SO much pushback on the tarte dubai trip, and now people are wondering why glow recipe wasted a brand trip with no content. :/

  15. rare beauty powder highlighters. swatched them in store, its got glitter flecks mixed in with straight up powder. also uhhhh….the new loreal mascara lol

  16. you know you fucked up when kathleen chimes in. she doesn’t open her mouth for ANYTHING.

  17. I have a free Marley Spoon box to trade, looking for anything but everyplate or hellofresh. specifically interested in factor, greenchef, purple carrot, sunbasket, or anything else that isn’t super mainstream the way hellofresh or homechef is lol.

  18. someone is always going to have it worse than you, and someone will always have it better than you. imagine if someone who was homeless, single, no family, etc. was reading your post and saying “wow. she got to have a honeymoon? she has a a job? she has a mother? she needs to check her privilege”.

  19. i like them because its a short break of all the products being shoved down our throats by sponsorships! its good to get some real opinions once in awhile.

  20. sorry, ill have to strongly disagree with this one. her entire brand is unboxings and most advent calendars are beyond shite. especially when they promise a value of x amount of dollars and it comes nowhere near close.

  21. robert welsh!!! and his twin james welsh if you’re into skincare. favorite content creators by far

  22. honestly, no i dont think this is too dramatic. it was picked up by actual news outlets, which was a first for the beauty community. it paved the way for “apology videos”. it was the downfall of shane dawson, someone who was so loved and popular.

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