1. Oh, well that's something I wasn't aware of. So can you not remove it in front of your spouse? And I can't remember, but in season 1 when Mando was eating, did he remove it all the way or just halfway?

  2. Great idea, now if everyone else could just use common sense.

  3. Tip based on the service you receive. Uber $1 or $2; table service restaurant 10% standard service up to 20% phenomenal service; no tip needed at to-go restaurants

  4. Ahhh, I didn't expand it, just saw the title

  5. No you didn't. You could've politely declined then offered to help finish cooking it.

  6. I like this idea in theory, but in actuality it just isn't fair.

  7. I like that comprise. Maybe state that a middleman is required to sell until you are established. The problem with ship first is that that seller with grandma's silver may be skeptical of shipping first, even to an established buyer.

  8. I don't think anyone should be forced to use a middle man if the buyer and seller agree not to. The added shipping leg is another chance for a package to get lost.

  9. I hear you, and I suppose I am a bit jaded after my loss. I just don't want anyone else to lose their hard earned money.

  10. It’s so overblown just follow the rules, check profile history I don’t think a single person has been successfully scammed

  11. I have been. Ghosted after payment, never received the PM

  12. Lol. I was just complaining about that and thinking of putting it in a credit union. Love my 14 cent payments. 🙄

  13. I'm getting 5.09% at my credit union

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