1. Various charities send me nickels and dimes in the mail all the time. Your comment is making me wonder if they want something in return …

  2. Ugh. Years ago they used to send $1 bills!

  3. As a corporate attorney, I love reading these and realizing that most people have no idea how corporations/businesses work, what a "CEO" or officer really is, or that most of the things that employees think are sinister are actually quite benign.

  4. And they got their asses handed to them?

  5. Maybe not original (can't remember) but I always loved the Land Shark.

  6. I had something sort of similar. I ran towards a river, skidded on ice, fell down the bank and landed in the water. My clothes were so heavy when they got wet that my little 7 year old muscles couldn't get me back to the surface. Somehow my 9 year old sister found the brute strength to yank me out of the water with just one arm.

  7. You can't imagine how heavy a fully clothed, soaking wet person weighs....

  8. You'd almost think they did it on purpose in the hopes something would go wrong and they'd be able to make an article about it...

  9. Blasphemy. I know its a commercial but I almost love his response. And no way to hate that riff. Not all ads are bad.

  10. It resulted in the desired modification of my behavior. It was not a frequent occurrence and was never excessive. I usually (maybe always) deserved it. I turned out fine.

  11. My take too. Rare but deserved. Worked. The fear more than the spanking itself.

  12. As someone who is not a sci fi fan, Firefly.

  13. I have been in a breakfast croissant phase lately and they do not disappoint! The flaky buttery toasted bread works great!

  14. Del Taco. Used to get a full tray of tacos for $5 about 10 years ago. Obviously it must have gone up since then, but a fraction of the price of Taco Bell

  15. I thought GnR's cover of Dylan's "Knockin on Heaven's Door" was good. Also their cover of Don McClean's "Since I Don't Have You" was really good. Axl had the vocal range to pull it off.

  16. Everclear's "Everything to Everyone" I think?

  17. A well used anal probe along with random book of colonoscopy exam pics.

  18. He says as I eat a giant bowl of beef stew and two pieces of Irish soda bread....

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