1. There have been a lot of protests by farmers against the government, there was a bad incident with the police. Hanging the national flag upside down generally signals distress. People have adopted this to show their disapproval of how this situation is handled.

  2. The interesting part is the symbolism behind it. In the Dutch flag, red represents the blood of the people and the common folk, while blue represents the aristocracy and nobles. Red is above blue to symbolize that the common folk will always be above the aristocracy. Turning it upside down symbolizes that the people in power are currently above the common folk, which is not how it's intended to be.

  3. I think it's important to try and stand out more little by little. Perhaps you can start out with sharing your different opinion or belief with someone who is close to you. Can be uncomfortable at first, but discussions are there to discuss something, not to be the one who is right. You can still agree to disagree or be okay with the fact that other people see things different than you.

  4. Being successful in dating (or anything for that matter) really comes down to experience, and self confidence. I don't keep score or play games, but there was a time where I cared too much about what the other person felt about me. Now, I just have an abundance mindset, and only pursue people with high interest (it makes your life 1000 times easier). It's easier to do this when you have confidence/self assurance, and an abundance mindset.

  5. Yeah that's kind of what I've been thinking. I think truly confident people don't need to keep score or anything or care about who reaches out the most. If they want to text someone or just want to hangout, they just do it. They don't mentally keep track if they don't reach out too much or play games like purposefully pull away/respond later to show how a girl responds. I definetly think behavior like what I talked about in the post can only really ruin dates instead of help them.

  6. Dutch is fairly similar to English, so yes adjacency in a way. Linguistically they are closely related. English and Dutch, German and the Scandinavian languages are part of the same family. English took many words from Latin languages but it is at its heart still part of the germanic family.

  7. English is also a mandatory subject from the last years of elementary until...well basically until you get a job.

  8. The period right after a breakup, even if you're the one who initiated it.

  9. It's kind of a double-edged sword, but i'm partially thankful for my constant overthinking. Because of this, I often tend to be very curious about other people, are able to come up with clever solutions when in a conflict or at work, and I have a lot of knowledge about a wide variety of things. Another positive is that I've been a very abstract thinker for as long as I can remember, so for me it's very easy to have a deep conversation with someone and/or have discussions in healthy and constructive way. I started to lean into this lately by always saying exactly what's on my mind and it's very interesting how quickly people open up to me and respect me for it.

  10. I've actually been in almost the exact same situation that you're in right now, although I didn't have a gf and it was only a girl I regularly chatted with. I feel like I can give the advise best by telling the whole story.

  11. What helped me a lot is accepting that feeling anxious about a date is very normal and that it's important to keep being your own person. Everyone, even the most confident guy or girl will have anxiety to a certain degree when they go out on a date. It's as normal as having anxiety because you need to give a presentation.

  12. When it comes to dating, you probably were. It's just better to get out of each others lives because it sucks to have to see them every day.

  13. The fact that you can traverse the entire country in a day without navigation, just by remembering the highwaycodes. Just need to remember A50 and A2 and i'm in the capital.

  14. I notice that longer games tend to make me very impatient with the story. I often forget motives and important dialogue and get stranded not knowing why we're doing certain things in missions. I had this especially with Red dead redemption 2, a lot of the time I was irritably playing the missions to get towards the end.

  15. Love how the guy in California was like "Hey cool, we found some new lands! Let's move away from everyone as far as possible and see where the end of this continent is!".

  16. The name of the game for a man is to play it cool, makes ya think if we care as much on impressing as yall women do, in turn makes you start thinking about us. As a man I'd say it's about equal if not more lopsided to men tryin to discretely impress women. Some men have different approaches to impress women, such as using wealth, talents etc. At the end of the day the most effective way in my eyes to impress a woman is to be confident in who you are and what you want from life. That's what I personality wise find most attractive in women too.

  17. Second this. I think with guys it's more about impressing someone by the way you act and talk. Being confident in who you are, daring to be vulnerable or take slight risks. Showing through your actions that you're not needy or insecure, knowing what you want and being honest, etc.

  18. Worst: Random guy who lived in an apartment in a complex which was kind of shady. He still had to pay and he went searching for his wallet, but he found out he left it in his girlfriend's car. He asked if he could come by the store the next day and he said he was a regular customer (he wasn't). I told him that is against our policy so it's not an option. He suddenly started cussing and yelling at me so I picked up my stuff and left. While picking it up I smiled and gave a little giggle, but more as an automatic reaction. So I walked away and he suddenly came after me and got really close, like he was about to fight me or something. He was like "What? What?" I responded frightened with "Nothing, nothing" and then he stopped. But he kept cussing and yelling at me while I went down the stairs and out of the complex. I slept pretty badly the night before and it was a terrible day, so I had a lot of brain fog and didn't really respond to it that much. I did call the cops on him though.

  19. I'm actually having some back problems from time to time because of the seats. I'll definetly check these covers out!

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