1. Thanks goodness...do not let her get her way!! She doesn't like what people have to say here then she can choose to not read it! Sorry Chantal...you don't control everything! Everyone will always know what you were, are, and will be!!

  2. Report this immediately! Next time if could be much worse or it could bite a child!

  3. This would be awesome. I agree pharmacy issues could be a problem but it being an OPTION for people who have no other choice (like the article mentioned, the whole state of Wyoming doesn’t even have a clinic!) could change lives.

  4. I am in PA and it takes 3 years to get your 6 bottles. We thankfully can smoke weed though!

  5. Foodie Beauty/Booty is #1 Animal abusing influencer!! She should not be allowed to have ANY living creature! She can't even wipe her own ass!! I wish someone could save poor Harry!!

  6. If you have it, do you have a feeling that you upper and lower lashes occasionally catch on each other when you blink? I currently have Bambi eyes waterproof and while it's pretty good, that feeling is my pet peeve. I usually steer to another brand if I notice it on one product.

  7. Fenty mascara is my new holy grail!! By far the beat mascara I have ever used!!

  8. For what it's worth, Maybelline sky high is a great mascara, probably one of the best I've used

  9. I truly miss pre wifi days!! I miss real people!

  10. I’ve got 4 wyze cameras up around the place but I’m going to add a couple more.

  11. I absolutely LOVE our Blink cameras, and they all have audio as well!! Best purchase ever when you have asshole neighbors!

  12. toner is very nice, that’s the only toner on the market that I’ve tried and my skin feels comfortable with pretty much

  13. If you ever get the chance you should try Fenty Fat Water toner....its my holy grail now!!

  14. I’ll for sure comment on here to let you know what I got! Would love to compare! I may do another post as well! I love seeing what everyone got. I have four 12$ and three 6$ in this order. Praying for beauty killer 2 or banana fetish in this order

  15. I got Banana Fetish in my 1st order. I just received my 2nd order today and I received Beauty Killer 2! 💕 They were 2 I didn't have yet and really really wanted, so I know how you feel. Sending lots of positive vibes and keeping my fingers crossed for you to get exactly what you want, at least stuff you don't have yet! 😜💜

  16. That’s amazing! Today I got blood lust and androgyny which I did not have. Another blue bloods too, but that’s okay I’ll gift it to my best friend. I ordered more 12 dollar treats so praying I get beauty killer 2 and banana fetish this time! Third times a charm haha

  17. NICE!! I would love to get Androgyny too!! 💕 Blood Lust is my absolute favorite and most used palette! I am trying so hard not to make a 3rd order lol! 😜

  18. I am curious to where you are located? I have never heard of this, and I have been in several clinics in 2 different states. My husband and I have used Oragel many many times, and have never noticed even the slightest withdrawal. I will have to ask the nurses next week if they have ever heard of this.

  19. Cinnamon pills worked wonders for us! You will start noticing a huge difference within about a week of taking them. Best of luck!

  20. I really really hope I get this for my $12 mystery treat! I don't have it and have wanted it for forever!

  21. Ahhh yay!!! I bought a good many 12 dollar treats! I’ll be so happy if I get banana fetish!!

  22. I think the chances are good that you will get one too! 💕

  23. 100% gay!!! Do not waste anymore of your life because he will not change...it is NOT a phase! Maybe once you're gone he will get honest with himself too! Sorry these aren't the answer you want to hear, but you already knew deep down. Keep your head up...things will get so much better for you.

  24. I haven’t bought many things as I don’t wear a lot of makeup and a lot of the palettes are too bold for me. I just recently bought the Wyoming winter skin care, the make me melt makeup remover, and the Jeffree approved mascara(? Not sure if the right name a pink tube). Like the skin care stuff and was blown away w the makeup remover(usually just use a wipe/micellar water but this felt wonderful and luxurious, treat for me) But I was not impressed with the mascara. It went on super light and would not build up. I’ll use it since I got it. But I was disappointed w the coverage of the mascara

  25. The mascara is the absolute worst!! With that being said I think its the only makeup item I haven't loved!! Supposedly the f*ck proof is much better, but I don't typically like waterproof mascara. Might give it a try if I ever catch it on sale though! 😜

  26. Sounds great for a Lifetime movie. In real life though this absolutely cannot happen! The only way she is pregnant by you is ONLY if you have slept with her!!

  27. Was just coming to say the exact same thing!! Best decision my husband amd I could have ever made! We will be celebrating our 6th year of sobriety in a couple of months!!!

  28. Proud of me, dude im proud of you. You're an inspiration to me and everyone else wishing to kick this terrible habit we have been pledged with. I hope things get better for you and fast. You did the extremely hard but right thing and im damn proud of you. Very very little people can do what youre doing. But non the less, thank you so much and ill be strong for myself, my family, my freinds and my future. But ill be more than happy if i can be half as strong as you are. Youre damn right about this very important life changing journey me, you and many many others are on. Not a single one of us will ever forget it and you sir are almost at the finish line. Keep up the fight and blast through that bitch, you deserve a life without pain and addiction. Now once more, thank you sir. Your words have truly inspired me and your warning will always be in the forefront of my mind. Thank you so much. I hope nothing but a good and happy life for you 🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼

  29. They went back to using fent though?? I wouldn't call that a success!! 😬

  30. I truly feel like I could of written this, its so similar to my relationship! I wish I could help, but I am just as lost as you! 😭

  31. Continuing to use will only keep you in withdrawal. I personally would get my dose increased and stop using anything else. Once you do that you will get stable on methadone and from there things start getting so much better! We were extremely heavy users too, but we finally listened, got serious about our sobriety, and have been clean almost 6 years now!! Best of luck...sending hugs and positive vibes! I promise you can and will do whatever it takes as soon as you're truly ready! 💕

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